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UBC – Day 22

How I found Women Welcome Women World Wide

As many of my readers know, I am a solo traveller.  Even when I was married, I generally travelled alone.  I was lucky to get interstate and overseas travel on business and taught English in China and South Korea.





Making Friends in Ireland.

I embarked on my very first major overseas trip to Ireland in 2005.  It’s a long story – but here I was embarking on an incredible journey on my own.  It was while researching the trip that I read an article in a magazine about 5W. Women Welcome Women World Wide.   I was quite freaked out about doing the journey on my own – but it was that trip, once I was safely home again, that gave me the confidence to so other solo trips.  Knowing that in many places around the world, there would be members to connect with is very comforting.

One can often stay with a member, but it was more about meeting other women.  I joined and made arrangements to meet and stay with two women in Ireland.  One was near Waterford and I did stay with her, though we had quite a hiccup getting together initially.  Her phone was out of order and I couldn’t contact her as planned.  Anyway, I did stay with her and we had a lovely time.  She showed me around the countryside.

Join 5W

I belong to the group in Brisbane, Australia, and have had members stay with me.  I regularly attend events with local members and have a great group of wonderful friends through the group.  There’s an annual fee/donation to be a member.

I have just renewed my membership, (have been a member since 2005) as I am off to London in a couple of weeks, so it will be good to meet some other members.  Two members live in the UK, in the same complex that I am researching.  A women’s co-housing project.

It is part of the procedure that one contacts them beforehand to see if they are available.  I hope to make some new friends in the UK, and some will be receiving an email from me in the next few days.

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