My Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

Watching the Royal Wedding Alone

I am house sitting and knew I would be home alone last night watching the Royal Wedding. But I was ok with that.  I thought if I went out somewhere – even to nearby friends, I’d have to drive myself home late at night.  It also meant that I would not be able to have a drink, and I thought champagne would be a good way to celebrate.  And at home, I could retire for the night if I got sick of it all.

Being alone doesn’t bother me.  I’m free then to do what I want.

Windsor Castle and Ceremony

Recently I was in London, and I had planned to visit Windsor, but the “Beast from the East” curtailed some of my sightseeing.  Maybe one day I will get back there.  I had to be satisfied with the wonderful images on television.  I love the pomp and ceremony, and I confess, sometimes I get teary.  And I did last night during the Royal Wedding.  In fact, I had quite an emotional roller coaster.

Some of the ceremonial parts did make me cry.  Even watching Meghan arrive – it was exciting and I felt for her.  She certainly managed to cope with it all – at least that was my impression.

I loved the uniforms, the amazing chapel, the wonderful music – and I joined in with the hymns that were familiar to me.   It made me  laugh at the facial expressions, especially when during the “sermon”.  I think the Poms were a bit surprised by the enthusiasm of the Reverend Bishop Michael Curry during is slightly long-winded speech.    Elton John’s facial expression was awesome.

There’s no doubt that a lot of people would whinge about one thing or another, but overall I thought everyone did a wonderful job and from what I saw, I could not complain.


Here comes the band.










Loved Dress No 2

I have read comments that Meghan didn’t do much about makeup – she was just natural and naturally beautiful.   I was not a fan of dress number one and would have liked her to have had a necklace on as I think it would have improved the look of the dress.  Just loved dress number two, though.

So I drank my champagne – at least one and a half glasses and enjoyed the wedding and the tour around Windsor by the bride and groom and the military folk on horseback.

Then it was time for bed.

I was pleased I had seen so much of the Royal Wedding.  I wish them both a very Happy and long Marriage.



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