WordPress WordCamp on the Sunshine Coast

I was encouraged to attend the Sunshine Coast WordPress WordCamp by one of the organisers.  I admit I was a little apprehensive but figured that as it was at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and I could stay at Mooloolaba, I could “escape” and do the tourist thing if it got too overwhelming.  On the first day I was a Volunteer, so spent most of the time at the Registration Desk, and only attended a couple of sessions, and peeked in at a few more.

The After Party at the Mooloolaba Surf Club  was fun, though I confess I didn’t last much later than 8.30 pm.  It was a great venue, and would like to be there during daylight hours to see the sea!  As I didn’t have a late night, I was up early the next morning and took some lovely photos, and made a decision to return again one day soon, so that I can spend a whole day with my camera in the area.

PicMonkey Collage

I came away with a few new skills on using WordPress and an enthusiasm to learn more.  I will probably attend some WordPress meetups, and will even consider going to the WordPress Conference in Sydney in September 2016.  I met some lovely folk too.

PicMonkey Collage2

After my short tour of Mooloolaba, I was impressed.  It is a while since I have been there, and certainly many years since I have been down near the harbour.  There are some impressive boats and houses along the canals and well worth an exploration trip.  I do live around an hour away, so it is somewhere to go on a good day to get some amazing photos.

I do have a love of birds, especially pelicans, and I found these two on a light pole overlooking the boats.  I am always fascinated by them – they sit way up top with awesome views and preen themselves as if they have no care in the world and they probably don’t.  There’s bound to be plenty of fish to eat there, as it is close to where the fishing boats come in after a day or so out at sea.

The next WordPress WordCamp is in Sydney, in September.


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