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Vicki Bennett in spots with other Retreaters from Society of Women Writers Qld.

Each year, a writing group of which I am a member has a “Retreat” at Congeau at Bribie Island, just north of Brisbane, Queensland. On many occasions, I have attended.  Often staying for 2 or 3 nights with the other ladies  from around the Brisbane area for the event.

I have of course missed some of the events due to my travelling.  Since I now live a short drive from the island, I prefer to go for day time activities only and sleep in my own comfy bed!

This year I visited the group on the Friday – for little more than a chat and afternoon tea. However, I went on the Sunday morning,  as Writer Vicki Bennett was presenting to our small group.

She’s such a vivacious and inspiring lady!  Awesome really, and I always come away a little more inspired.  I am my own worst enemy, as I tend to take on jobs “to help people” and hence neglect my work.  Too many committees take up my time, and though I am constantly writing website content for me and others. Sadly, I don’t have the freedom to finish off some things that I have been working on for a while.

I have declared that by 2017 I will be freer!  (Though I have been talking to myself and others about going back to University).  Something I want to do, but perhaps not start just yet.

Bribie Bridge

Bridge from the mainland to Bribie Island

(It is hard to tell in the photo, but there are 13 lights on the bridge and pelicans love to sit or stand on them.  It is a family tradition to count the number of these lovely birds as we cross the bridge.)

Vicki’s Books

I bought two of Vicki’s books – they will make great Christmas or Birthday gifts – and I will have had the chance to read them first.



The Books I purchased are “Two Pennies” and “Dreams can come True”.  Signed and all!

Vicki’s Writing

She has written 23 Best Selling Books.

Details here. 

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