Welcome to my Blog.

So you’ve found my website!  Thank you for visiting.  I have quite a few challenges with the website – I don’t have a “business” as such and not even a “niche”.

I love writing – I don’t think I am especially good.  I am never satisfied with my writing.  I know other writers who have the same problem!  I do like blogging and am going to concentrate on that aspect of my writing in the short term.  But I have a couple of other projects on the go, so watch this space.

2021 is going to be great.  Certainly much better than the last year, though I was not affected very much by Covid-19.  It did mean that my travel plans were cancelled.  My farewell trip to China did not happen and in December I traded my Chinese RMB for Aussie Cash.

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I do some public speaking – and in 2021 I will do more..  I do share my love of writing in my talks, but my topics vary – from blogging, travelling, writing life stories and obituaries, bamboo and senior solo women’s housing challenges.

My plan for  2021 is to complete my memoir and publish it.

Solo Living

At the beginning of 2020, I moved into public housing.  About which I am grateful, however I learned that the people who live in these spaces, have so many challenges that are ignored.  I have no doubt that she would be treated with more dignity and respect and someone (be it the Dept of Housing, or another entity) should ensure that the residents at well treated and that the violence and fear that is experienced, especially by women, is not acceptable.

I did leave my marriage after 43 years – a very traumatic time for me, but I’ve learned to cope on my own.  It does mean that I can choose to do what I want, when I want to some degree.

My ex was not as keen on travelling as I was – and I have been able to do much more.  I have circumnavigated Australia, on my own, and travelled overseas on several occasions.

Solo living does have its challenges – and I will be detailing stories on this part of my life in another blog.



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