Thank you.

So you’ve found my website!  Thank you for visiting.  I have quite a few challenges with the website – I don’t have a “business” as such and not even a “niche”.

I love writing – I don’t think I am especially good.  I am never satisfied with my writing.  I know other writers who have the same problem!  I do like blogging and am going to concentrate on that aspect of my writing in the short term.  But I have a couple of other projects on the go, so watch this space.

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I do some public speaking – and in 2020 I would like to do more.  I do share my love of writing in my talks, but my topics vary – from blogging, travelling, writing life stories and obituaries, bamboo and senior solo women’s housing challenges.

Solo Living


I did leave my marriage after 43 years – a very traumatic time for me, but I’ve learned to cope on my own.  It does mean that I can choose to do what I want, when I want to some degree.

My ex was not as keen on travelling as I was – and I have been able to do much more.  I have circumnavigated Australia, on my own, and travelled overseas on several occasions.

Solo living does have its challenges – and I will be detailing stories on this part of my life in another blog.  It’s not launched yet.



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