A Biography Worth Reading

A Biography Worth Reading

Just over a week ago, I visited the Wynnum Library to borrow some books.    I had not been in the new building, but had been a regular over four years ago at the old premises.  The new one is a delight, though I didn’t stay long.

As I walked in a book caught my eye.  It was a book written by Colleen Ryan Clur titled “Pixie Annat Champion of Nurses.”  I picked it up straight away and then grabbed another book from the Biography shelves.

I had met Pixie Annat when I was a “medical representative” promoting some products at St Andrews Hospital many years ago.  She would not remember me, but I have never forgotten her.  Every now and then I read about something she was doing, but certainly never knew the full story.

She is quite amazing and anyone who was nursing in Queensland, especially around Brisbane would recall much of the influence she had on nurses and nursing.

Pixie is the first on the video above, and speaks on several occasions during the video.

Pixie and Nursing Education

I was not aware of her involvement in the changes to nursing training.  Of course, I would agree with her that nursing education via universities is what is needed to give nursing higher standing. However, I have always had issues with it.

My experience was that some university nursing graduates thought so highly of themselves they would not do some things for their patients. It was beneath them.  I worked with some and I found them so frustrating to cope with.  They didn’t like getting pans for patients in need of toileting.  They would rather ignore the patient’s plight than lower themselves to do such a menial task.

I remember working with a young lady who was so full of herself and her uni education, but when a drama happened, she went to pieces.  She could not manage to complete the task required of her.  I remember being in

I remember being a patient in hospital myself and feeling totally neglected and ignored by the registered nurses.  In fact, I don’t recall that any of them came to speak with me.  I could hear them laughing and having fun, and doing little work in the nurses’ station not far from my room.

Perhaps, and I hope so, things have improved.  I do believe that quality university education is essential, but would hope that those who graduate have an understanding of patient care.  They need to be prepared to even do menial tasts, or ensure someone does what has to be done.

I enjoyed reading the book, as there were many people and events detailed which were known to me.  She is quite a remarkable woman and is still working and volunteering in her very senior years.



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