A Conversation on Housing in Oz

Housing Shortage in Australia

For the last few years, there have been much media about the housing shortage in Australia.  As someone whose focus is on senior solo women looking for secure forever housing, I find this appalling. The Federal and State Governments seem to be slow, reluctant, or not keen to do anything about it.

“Australia is headed towards yet another property supply shortage, and it could put a rocket under prices, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has warned.” Read the full article here. 

There are big issues in the housing market in Australia. I see little change over the years I have been in housing stress.  People keep telling me that I should be a drug addict, alcoholic, or former prisoner to get any help.  That cohort seems to get better support!

Poverty for Women

There are many reasons that there are so many women who are living in poverty and facing homelessness due to the housing shortage in Australia.  This article from SBS might give you some idea of what some of the issues are.  Click here.

I have met or worked with many women who have stories of how they have had to face financial challenges in their senior years.  So many face issues as a result of the housing shortage.  Much of it is as a result of the discrimination against women – something that most seniors have had to cope with all their lives.

Women Don’t Fight for their Rights

I should add “enough” to that!  Every now and then through history, there have been events where groups of women have got together to fight for some issue e.g. women’s rights, anti-discrimination, the #metoo movement and others.  However, we need more women to be pro-active on these occasions.  I am learning, however, that women who are married or in a relationship are often silent. It is safer than risking the ire of their partner.  I know, because I was one that learned that if my then-husband was around, I would have to tone down my conversation.


Homeless person

No home – sleeping rough

Who Cares?

I am still lobbying two politicians – one a Federal, one a State, who have responsibilities in the housing sector.  They promise to get back to me, or in one case introduce me to someone in “Housing”, but after months there is nothing.

The Department of Housing here has really disappointed me.  They have not responded to my application for housing.  No feedback at all.

I make call after call to a wide range of organisations in the housing sector.  None have been helpful.

I feel for others in their senior years who are desperate for housing.  Our governments must do something about the housing shortage in Australia.  It is urgent.



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