A Drive in the Country

As I am one of the writers for Weekendnotes.com I like writing interesting articles that I can research by travelling to that place.  I love driving too, which helps!

A few days ago, I travelled over 400 kms in a day!!  Just for a few stories.  Travelling to places I’ve not been to before, or perhaps not been to for a long time is one of my favourite things to do.

When I was getting ready to go, I checked under the bonnet of my car, and found that the coolant was empty, or almost empty.  Instead of setting off as early as I had planned I delayed and went to the servo to get some more.  Done!!   I set off a bit later than planned.

I could have shortened the journey by going south to the city, but decided that I didn’t want to cope with the high traffic so I went west – into the country, which I enjoy far more than going through the city.

It is a route that I am familiar with – or most of it.  I set off via Caboolture, Kilcoy, Esk, to the Warrego Highway and on to Laidley.  I love exploring – I love old buildings, (especially corrugated iron buildings), and love finding places/things that I had not seen before.

Laidley One

The trees are all near Esk, I suspect they will be all green when winter ends, Elvis was in the Eagle Rock Cafe at Laidley, and the fields of onions were at Gatton.

Laidley was my goal – and I was so fascinated by the old buildings, some going back to the 1800’s.  There are also some interesting cafe’s and other historical places in town. You can see on of my articles here.

Returning via Esk, I called in at the Visitor Information Centre, as I was seeking information about a lookout which I had been informed had views over the Somerset Dam.  Apparently not.  I was going to visit a popular cafe in Esk, but it was such a busy place, I chose to drive by and return on a quieter day.

I travelled around the Somerset Dam – I am sure I have not been there before.  It is quite beautiful with very winding roads and parks down by the Dam where people can fish, (with permits), boating and picnicking.


The Coronation Hall at Somerset is quite a beauty and apparently a popular spot for weddings.  It was the original movie house for the folk of Somerset.  The Dam itself is beautiful with plenty of places to take great photos.  I can see that the level of water is not as high as it has been – but certainly plenty of water.

A couple of places I wanted to see, I didn’t manage to get to for a number of reasons, so they are on my list for the next time I pass through that way, and I am sure it won’t be long before  I do.


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