A Heritage Walk

Today I had to go to Deception Bay, Queensland – and chose to explore the Heritage Walk there.   I had downloaded a map and some information, but the street names were not clear, but I found my way to the Deception Bay Library, just before closing time, and was given a little booklet with details about the Heritage Walk.

I set off from opposite the Library and headed north as I had just previously driven south and saw some of the places mentioned in the booklet.  There is a path down on the waterline and another high up on the top of the cliff but I chose to walk along the beachfront and return via the high path.


Along the Waterfront at Deception Bay

It was almost high tide and the small waves were crashing into the sea wall.  It was 11 am and the sun was hot!  I also had forgotten my water bottle, but I kept on.  The booklet listed 13 places of interest along the way – each numbered and each with information on an aluminium sculptural work.  I visited 1 – 7 places of interest.


Sculture on the sea front – historic details on the back of the sculpture.

One of the interesting spots was a rock area that many years earlier had been cut out to provide a salt bath for the wife of Dr Joseph Bancroft, who was a doctor who had trained in the UK, but worked in Brisbane.  He was an extra ordinary man who later had a house built at Deception Bay, which was demolished in 1950.  There is too much to write about him here, but plenty here and at other places.  Mrs Bancroft had a medical condition and was advised to have salt baths, so Dr Bancroft arranged for a tradesman to create a bath from the rocks at Deception Bay, not far from their house.  Mrs Bancroft was carried down the cliffs and sat in the “bath” which filled with sea (salt) water at high tide.  Apparently it was very successful.  Today it was filled with sand, but it was possible to see where the bath was.


At each of the 13 places of interest is an aluminium structure with the information.  They are great artworks in their own right.

IMG_5644There are mangroves growing almost all along the waterfront, and a heavy odour of sea/fish, but not unpleasantly so.  I shall return on another occasion at low tide as there are some interesting rocks which look like they have been painted – but not visible at high tide.




Information about Dr Bancroft’s House which was on the cliff above the beach.


View throught the trees out to Moreton Island.

I look forward to returning to see more of the sights – at low tide so I can see all, and perhaps next time I will choose a not so hot day!


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