A Little More Bamboo

More Bamboo

As readers will know I have a real “penchant” for all things bamboo.  Today I found one of my favourite fashion stores has clothing made from bamboo.

I notice it when I am in the train or driving my car, and when I am out shopping I find all sorts of things made from this amazing plant.

Today I headed for Brisbane (not all that far from Deception Bay), looking to add to my summer wardrobe.  I had been into some large stores but didn’t find what I wanted, so thought I’d try one of my favourite places.  TS – or Taking Shape.  And it was my lucky day as there was a discount on all stock!  And they had new stocks of bamboo clothing.

More Black

Really I get sick of so many of the current fashions – where black is the dominant colour.  Oh, how I’d like to wear bright colours more, but finding what I want is a challenge sometimes.  However, I did manage to find two dresses which I liked made of bamboo..  One is a cotton one, yes, with black background, but a delightful array of bright coloured flowers – almost hiding the black.  And I found one to fit.

Then, the bamboo ones.  Some were in black so I ignored them.  And I soon found one – which you can see on this page. 

green bamboo shoots

About Bamboo Fabric

It was when I was living in China, surrounded by bamboo, that I learned about some of the amazing things that are made from it.  I learned too that there are variations in the manufacture, and some does not have a lot of the bamboo fibre in it.  I try to get more “naturally manufactured” bamboo fabric, but it can be a mine field.

TS or Taking Shape is introducing a greater range of bamboo products now, so I will be looking with enthusiasm and hoping that it is the more natural fabric.

The dress I bought today looks great on and feels amazing.  I might just wear it tomorrow.

Do you like to buy products made of bamboo?

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