A Night at The Abbey

A Night at The Abbey

It all started because (much because of COVID-19) I had not been away from home for some time – in fact, apart from a short house-sit at my son’s place on the Gold Coast, I had been nowhere for nearly 12 months. I postponed my trip to Adelaide. So I was keen to do a long drive.

Then quite strangely I discovered a hotel in Warwick, some 160 miles from home in the Darling Downs. When I read about it, I knew I just had to go. I love historic places (am a member of 3 historical societies). I did some research first and knew that I really had to go.

On the Way

I know this area of the Darling Downs is famous for Sunflowers, and I’d love to see the fields of yellow flowers, but this time is not the right time. All being well, there will be plenty for the Sunflower Festival around Kalbar in March.  I did drive around Kalbar hoping to see some sunflowers, but there were none visible to me.

Welcome to Kalbar

Welcome to Kalbar

A Night at The Abbey 1

At Kalbar

A Night at The Abbey 2

Hay, Hay

As I drove into Warwick by GPS indicated that I was close to my destination, a turn right into Dragon St, and at the roundabout a short distance along, I could see this wonderful old building.  Turn left, and I entered the circular driveway to the main entrance.

It was exciting.

A Night at The Abbey 3

The Abbey from the Circular Drive

It really was an impressive sight, with lovely gardens on both sides of the building. Up a few stairs and I was in at the reception desk being greeted. I soon had a quick guided tour of the property, before transferring my small luggage to my room upstairs.

Then with camera in hand, I set off to take a few pictures of this place. I read many of the information sheets around the place, checked out the artworks, and lots more, and felt so glad I had chosen to visit. There is so much to see. I went into many of the rooms including the chapel and the dining room and checked out the garden.

A Night at The Abbey 4

One of the Rooms

A Night at The Abbey 5

Up the stairs.

A Night at The Abbey 6

One of the dining rooms

A Night at The Abbey 7

The main dining room

A Night at The Abbey 8

The main entrance with extraordinary wooden doors.

A Night at The Abbey 9

Some of the beautiful stained glass.

Are there ghosts in this old building? There are bound to be, but I saw and heard nothing,  I had a great night’s sleep – there was no noise, but I might have been the only guest that night. In the morning I enjoyed a small breakfast in the dining room, which was lovely, and after further exploration, I prepared to depart.

It was with some mixed emotions as I really enjoyed exploring the rooms and learning more of the history of this beautiful old building, but I had further places to visit and people to see in Warwick so left around check out time – 10 am.

Will I go back again? Sure! If I can fit it into my busy schedule and get back to further explore this amazing town, I will do so!

(I regularly visit Warwick in July when the Jazz and Jumpers Festival is on, and all being well it will be on between July 21st and July 31st, so I hope I can fit in a visit to it again.)

Do I recommend it? I certainly do. For anyone interested in exploring historical buildings, there are several to see around Warwick too. If you are planning to go during the Jazz and Jumpers Festival do book early – it is so popular it is often difficult to find accommodation.

Are you keen to visit after reading this?

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