A One Night Stand

Well, dear reader.  “A One Night Stand.”   It is not what you think, when you read the title.  I am actually planning to spend one night only, about 2 kms from where I live.  A friend lives across the road from the Caboolture River, and we are going to spend some time together over the weekend.

She has suggested that I drive Myrtle there and park for the night opposite her house and I can stay overnight.  Another test for Myrtle.

I have not driven Myrtle since returning from our failed expedition to Neurum Creek.  I have been packing up my house, as I must move out in a few weeks.  On top of that, I have had some family dramas to negotiate.  It has been a busy week, but getting little done of what I wanted to do for myself.  Still, I am not worried – I think I am at this point under control.

One thing that is happening is that my “fernhouse” is going to my friend’s place near the river.  I checked it out today and am so excited as many orchids are in bud and so will have some flowers shortly.  It does create some challenges.  Where will I leave them in the short term?  I am going to negotiate with a grandchild to take care of some of my plants, and my friend will have some also.

Moving house always has challenges.  What do you keep?  What can you sell?  In my case, as I am going into a campervan I am restricted in what I can take.  So many things (including boxes and furniture) will go to storage.

I am also taking note of all the things I have to do.  Close my NBN internet account, electricity account, advise the various government apartments of my new address.

New Address?  In Toyota Coaster Myrtle somewhere on the open road?  I will have to “pretend” that I live at my daughter’s place.

A One Night Stand 1

Inside Myrtle – the driver’s seat, refrigerator

A One Night Stand 2

The Sleeping Quarters – though in reality at bedtime I rearrange the mattress/bed.
















One Night Stand

So, I will take Myrtle out – and stay one night, just a short distance from home.  It is going to be fun.

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