A Rant about Politicians

I would have never been a politician.  I know many and I think many are in politics because they seriously and honestly want to do good for their communities and the country.  But now more than every, there is dissatisfaction with the way they are operating.

We are all becoming angry about their behaviour and their indulgences for themselves and disdain for those who are not wealthy.

My thoughts are that after a few years in the halls of power their brains seem to switch off.  They no longer relate to the people they promise to work for.  I see governments doing things TO members of the public, rather than FOR them.

To think that recently the Housing Affordability Inquiry that took two years, made no recommendations.  It is as if those involved in the inquiry either ignored the major problems in Australia with housing, or it was too hard for them to work out what to do.  In any case, it was such a waste of money.  And not to make any recommendations is an absolute joke.  You can read more about it here.

Politicians like “pigs in the trough”

Politicians of all persuasions are like “pigs in the trough” – using their political careers to get extra ordinary post-political careers  with big salaries while still being on their “pension” as a former politician.

We know how they like to spend public money on themselves.  Susan Ley (while apparently not breaking any rules) is caught up in the racket too.  See here.

Never before have I felt such hatred for the way our politicians are behaving.  The  dissatisfaction with them all is almost palpable.

In the last few days Senator David Leyonhjelm is insulting all pensioners by stating that being on a pension means that they are poor and being poor is nothing to be proud of.  OMG.  If only he was interested to find out why many folks are on the bones of their a….

Sure, being poor is nothing to be proud of, and many circumstances lead to people having a shortage of money.  One being that men have always earned more money than women – a rather unjust way that they have been treated!  Read the article about Senator Leyonhjelm here. 

Future elections will be very interesting as I feel a groundswell of anger at the politicians.

I wonder what the future holds.


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