Adelaide Days

The trip from Mount Gambier to Adelaide was not a pleasant one – in part because of the rain.  Though not heavy, I was passed by many heavy vehicles that swished dirty water all over my car – so having cleaned it a little, I knew I had more cleaning to do.

The drive up through the Coonawarra vineyards, on to Keith and across to Adelaide is always interesting to me.  In my younger days I would rarely be on that road, as it was quicker and easier to catch the train.  I didn’t drive in those days – few of us did!

As I reached Keith my phone rang – it was the folk at the Mt Gambier Motel telling me that I had left my Samsung tablet behind.  Arrangements were made for its return!

At Tailem Bend I called in on a cousin and her husband – she had not been well, so I was pleased to see her.

I arrived at my sister’s place around 5 pm and stayed there for nearly five days.  Again a rest from driving, using the Internet and taking photos although I did manage to take some.  I picked up another nursing friend and headed to Port Adelaide.

Home Garden


My sister’s home made verticle garden


Port Adelaide

We drove to Port Adelaide and wandered along the docks just walking and chatting.


At Port Adelaide

I had not heard about the “City of Adelaide” ship and its restoration but we came across it on our walk and spoke with a chap there who is part of the group endeavouring to restore it.  The clipper is the world’s oldest clipper ship, and was used to bring migrants to South Australia, way ack in the 1860’s.  Read all about the history and the plans for restoration here.


The hull of the “City of Adelaide”


More of the “City of Adelaide”


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