Another Adventure – to Dubai

Off to London – via Dubai Adventure

Most of my friends and family know that I have been working on a project for senior solo women for a long time.  It is part of my adventure to explore.  Things are developing well, and one place that I keep referring to is the New Ground establishment at Barnet in London.

I have been communicating with some of the folk there, and feeling that I needed to know more about them, I have been talking about going to London.  Well, a few weeks ago, I “bit the bullet” so to speak and booked to go to London via a four night stop over in Dubai.

Travel Stress

So, yesterday I flew out to Sydney from Brisbane airport, and on to Dubai.   I had been having some angst about the flight – arriving in Sydney with only 75 minutes to find my way and get to the International Airport was really scaring me.  I would rather have 3 hours (a long wait) than have to do it quickly.  What if the Brisbane flight was late?  All would be well, I was assureed, but I still had some concerns.

As it was the Brisbane flight was delayed.  As I eventually got into my seat on the delayed plane, my stress went up a few notches, as I read a message from Qantas.

It read “We’ve had to change your flight QF1 on 15FEB at 16.55 from Sydney” and went on to say I had to log onto the Qantas site for more info.

Flight Changed?

Having just got on the plane, with my phone on “airplane mode” I could log on, and soon asked the Qantas staff if they could find out.  Initially they said “no” but later came and told me that I would not miss my next flight.  It too had been delayed due to some engine issue.  (Just what you don’t want to hear when you are going on a long flight on a plane!)

Me on Board – Hope my luggage is!

Anyway, the rest of my challenges were minor.  I didn’t get the promised window seat, but got into Sydney without a hassle. And got through to the International area ok, and waited along with everyone.  It was an A380 – huge plane and almost fully booked.  Again I was not in a window seat. I was seated beside a man in the middle of the plane, who wouldn’t move to let me into my seat (Language probem?).    I had to get there via the other aisle, next to a young French girl who didn’t like speaking English.

It was  long night, though I slept for a hour or so at a time.  Eventually we arrived in Dubai, just after 1 am.

Another Adventure - to Dubai 1

The adventure continues….

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