Ageism – Learning with Ashton Applewhite

Ageism – do Seniors Face Discrimination?

This week I had the honour of attending a COTA event, with Ashton Applewhite as the guest speaker. Her topic, Ageism, is very interesting and she nails it.  She has been in Australia for a few weeks now, speaking around the country and on television.  She was one of the panelists on the Q & A Program on November 11th.  I usually watch Q & A, but I was unimpressed with the foul language on that occasion so I saw little.

To hear her in person (and she does not use foul words), was a pleasure.  If only more people would listen to her wise words!  I can help by promoting her.  Please watch and listen to the TED Talk she did in 2017.


I posed the question above about discrimination.  There’s no doubt there is – in many aspects of life in Australia.  None more than our government and also the people who are supposed to be helping the aged (see the Aged Care Royal Commission!).

It is something that we see in everyday life.  The attitude of younger people to the elderly.  Ignoring them, not talking to them, not being polite.  Not offering seats in bus or train to older people, or women for that matter.  And what are young people?  Old People in Training!!!

What the Australian Government Thinks!

My experience with trying to get more and better quality housing for seniors in Australia has found me up against a lot of ageism.  And when the Treasurer comes up with the idea that seniors should work longer, we are outraged.  It is very hard for older people to keep jobs, or be employed.  In fact, younger people are finding it difficult to get into the jobs market.  I heard yesterday about a senior man who completed a degree and qualified as an accountant, but when he had his age in his resume, he didn’t get employed.  We all know how hard it is to remain in the workforce.  Small numbers do – but it certainly has challenges.

Employing Older Women?

As well as being underemployed and underpaid, senior women also have trouble getting into the workforce as seniors.  Again, many employees feel that the younger ones would be more useful.

Sorry, Mr Frydenberg you are going to waste a lot of money retraining older workers if there are no jobs for them.

Oh, and many seniors are in the workforce – but not getting paid.  They are what we call VOLUNTEERS!!  Thousands of Seniors!!

What do you think?

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