An Inspiring Woman – Michelle Lang

An Inspiring Woman I hope to meet

In August I expect to meet quite an amazing inspiring woman.  I know little about her.  I do know that she is doing some amazing things.  Around December 2015, she started a group called Rolling Solo.  As someone who was employed in the RV/Caravan industry, she became aware of the huge numbers of solo women travelling around Australia in their cars (with tents), motorhomes, caravans and camper vans.

Michelle Lang of Rolling Solo

Some 15 months later, Michelle Lang is heading up a group of some 6000 adventurous women.  She is currently organising an exciting camping event in the centre of Australia, at Alice Springs, and some 500 women are planning to be there.  I am one of them.

Stuck in the Middle With You’s – An Epic Womens Camping Event 2017 from Michelle Lang on Vimeo.

I so look forward to meeting her.

Adventurous Women in Australia

Australia is a big country – with great distances between towns.  Driving on the roads can be hazardous – especially at night.  Kangaroos, emus, goats, camels and cattle are often found on the roads, and none have any traffic sense.  I don’t drive at night!

The idea of women driving solo on our outback roads is rather scary – and we are always being told we are brave or stupid.  Especially by men!!  It makes us laugh.

Travelling Alone

I am a solo traveller.  I have driven around Australia on my own, and completed many other long distance trips.  Other trips including going to London and driving around Ireland on my own.  Also I have lived in China (as an English Teacher), and visited several times since, and lived and worked in South Korea.  All on my own.

As readers will know if they have read previous posts, I have just purchased a campervan, and am about to live and travel in it.  One of my planned ventures is to go to Alice Springs/Ross River Resort to join the Rolling Solo Ladies.  I have been to Alice Springs on a couple of occasions, but am looking forward to this unusual venture.

Alice Springs in the middle of Australia

Alice Springs – photo from Wikipedia

Alice Springs here we come!


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