An Interview About Fonts?

I am a great fan of ABC Classic Radio – loving the classical music and especially the interviews by Margaret Throsby.  When I travelled around Australia a couple of years ago, I had many interviews on a USB Stick, often listening to some I had heard before as they are fascinating.  I only hear the whole program if I am driving and I hate having to stop or leave the car until the show is finished.  Thank goodness I can download and listen to it all again!!!

Today I went to Redcliffe – had an appointment, and on the way home there was an interview with Simon Paterson.  I was to learn that it was originally recorded in 2007, but I hadn’t heard it then.  I was fascinated.  Who could imagine that an interview about typefaces and fonts would be fascinating.  Well, it is.  I did miss part of it – but will, of course, download it and listen to it at another time.

This is the info about him.  

“Simon Paterson is the production manager of Bookhouse, a Sydney-based book design company. He is a self described typophile, and has designed the fonts for dictionaries, chemical manuals, and websites. In 2005, his company won a Galley Club Award for Best Digitally Printed Book”

You can listen to it on your computer, but I choose to download and listen when I have no distractions.

Go here to find it.

So what is your favourite font?   Mine is Arial.  

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