And Then There Were Two (Black Hats)

Shaoxing Black Hats

When I first went to Shaoxing, China, in 2008, it was at the end of winter and everyone was rugged up as it was still very cold.  One of the items I noticed was the black hats worn by senior men.  Shaoxing hats.  They are not popular by young people, but can be seen on the heads of the men working on the little boats in the canals.

I was fascinated by them.  They are thick felt – wool.  I don’t know exactly where they are made, but there must be at least one factory in Shaoxing that does.

Di’s Shaoxing Hat

When did I buy mine?  I don’t recall.  There’s no way I would have worn it in China, as it appears to be a “men only” garment, but I have worn it in Brisbane during winter.  They are so thick that they warm the head (and the body) so well.  I wear it as a fashion statement, and do get a lot of questions about it.

To me it is more a reminder of the wonderful days I spent in China.  I get a laugh when I wear it.

And Then There Were Two (Black Hats) 1

I have thought of making it more “feminine” – adding a flower, bow or something sparkly, but have not done so.

And Now I Have Two

In the last month I have moved into a unit, just north of Brisbane.  As I have unpacked I have found a second Shaoxing Hat.  It really has me mystified as I am really sure I would not have bought a second one.  Did hat number one give birth to another?  They are identical.

It seems it will remain a mystery, as I have no idea why I now own two.  I wonder what I can do with the second one?

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