Have Arrived at Uluru

But no photos of Uluru at the moment.  I have had limited Internet Access – it’s slow and painful, so I’ve decided to just do as I can when I can.  I am due to go out and possibly ride around Uluru today.  It is terribly windy.  Just like yesterday.

Eridunda to Uluru

The was blowing so strongly that it was a struggle to hold the Toyota Coaster on the road all the time.  And of course, it used up a lot more fuel than otherwise would be the case.  When it is close to $2 a litre (diesel), you can see it is costly.

After the event in Ross River, I stayed two nights in a caravan park on the outskirts of Alice Springs – there were about 5 other rollers there.  Quiet time really.

I found out that one of the Rollers had rolled her van, so several of us went to the yard where she crashed vehicle was – waiting for insurance assessor.  We packed all her worldly goods into two utes and drove out to a property off the Ross River Highway and unloaded them.  She is a lucky person to be alive after the crash she had on her way out to Hermansburg mission.

After that I went to the Botanic Gardens.  I didn’t walk around but had an adventure while I was there.

Have Arrived at Uluru 1

A tree kangaroo with baby helping herself at the Botanical Gardens.

I spent my last night at the Wanngardi Caravan Park, before setting off the following morning for Uluru.  As it turns out Murtle was stubborn and wouldn’t start.  Two ladies tried to help and then two guys turned up.  One had NO sense of humour, but was a great chap and got Murtle going.  He and his mate followed me into Alice Springs where I was getting fuel and waited to see if Murtle started again.  She did.

The camping shop was my next stop as I wanted the shield to stop the wind blowing my gas stove.  Done.  And then set off for Eridunda, where I planned to stay the night.

I arrived early afternoon and later went to a viewing platform to take some photos of the sunset.  Beautiful.

Have Arrived at Uluru 2

Dusk at Eridunda

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