End of Autumn

The End of Autumn 2018.

It’s the end of Autumn. Winter is coming.  It’s days away.  I love it that I live in Queensland.  Cold weather does not impress me!  I was born in Adelaide and spent the first 18 years of my life there before going to Mt Gambier to do my nursing.  That was COLD! However, living in the Nurses Home, we had good heating in our rooms.  Going out – well, that was a different matter, especially at night.

It was another few years before I discovered winter in Brisbane.  Why would I want to leave this warm weather?  Our winter is warmer than summer in some places.  I have over the years travelled to Melbourne and Adelaide for family visits and events.  I am always pleased to return to Brisbane.

China and Electric Blanket

When I was in China, I experienced severe cold there.  It was often hard to keep warm as our “heaters” were not as good as we would l have liked.  Electric blankets worked well!! In fact I have been known to stay all day in bed when it was severely cold.

I wish I had an electric blanket when I was in London recently when they had the coldest winter in 35 years.  “The Beast from the East” came down and made my life, and that of many others, miserable.  I did get a cold and was quite ill for a few days.  I really was miserable!

My Chinese friend gave me two winter coats.  They rarely get worn in Australia.

No Public Transport in London

Will ever forget the last day in London? Probably not.  There was no public transport working and I had to get to a motel near Heathrow as I was flying out early the next morning.  No taxi’s either, but my friend just happened to phone the taxi company for me at the same time as a man phoned in offering to work.  I was so pleased, as I managed to get to the motel in plenty of time, and safely too.

The roads were awash with snow and mud from the stuff the council put on the roads to reduce sliding/accidents.  It was a miserable place to be, with sirens almost non stop. Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigades.

End of Autumn 1

A Church in Barnet, London, February 2018

Winter in Brisbane

It’s not like other states.  Winter is usually dry, with plenty of sunshine.  Cooler, yes, but really a magic time.  You can learn more about our winter here.

There won’t be any snow in Brisbane, but to the west of the city there usually is.  I have had a jumper on in the last few days of autumn, but not all day.  Sometimes there is a cool breeze and it gets a bit nippy.

That’s why I like to stay here in winter.





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