Back to the Real World

It is weird returning to “the real world” – though I don’t quite know what that is.  I am back in Brisbane, still living in Murtle, at the home of my daughter and her family, and trying to make plans for the next few weeks.  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

First of all, I have calculated the mileage I did in my trek to Uluru and back.  In a way, it feels like more, but it appears I did a smidge under 7500 kms, in just over 6 weeks.

Around Winton

Again it was a rush.  I had the deadline to get to Mt Isa for the SBS project, and I had intended to return at a slower pace, but with all the mechanical issues, I returned faster – just hoping to get back safely.  Murtle did give me grief along the way and cost me some dollars, but I was lucky really.  With the various mechanics telling me different information, I was concerned that I would get an expensive fright from one of them.  In fact I got some scary predictions – but as each “expert” told me different things, I was not sure what Murtle might do.  I coaxed her along and spoke to her kindly and she performed well after the Winton mechanic did some work on her.

I had been through Winton before, but this time stayed 2 nights in the Tattersall’s Hotel caravan park.  It’s across the road from the hotel – which is a very busy place in the evening with many people eating either in the dining room or the seating along the footpath.

Back to the Real World 1

The Dining Room with its historical items.

Back to the Real World 2

The Crazy Bar – and two staff






Murtle’s Woes

When Murtle was at the Motor Repairers, I was sitting in the seats at the hotel – giving me a good view of activities in the workshop opposite. One of the staff came over to ask me a question – they tried to phone, but the phone didn’t ring.

When I saw Murtle back out of the building, and park next to the RACQ van I figured they had done their work, so wandered across, paid the bill and drove off to the Dinosaur Stampede exhibition.  All was well!!

I was confused – every mechanic that “worked” on Murtle gave me a different story.  Was it the electrics?  Water?  Oil?  Fuel hose?  Battery?  I’ve been told all of those and more.

She’s fine now.  I’ve not driven her since the return.  I am getting used to driving the Barina again.


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