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Bamboo Tissues

I continue my love of bamboo products and was thrilled when I went into a Chemist Warehouse recently that they had Soft Bamboo Facial Tissues.  Of course, I bought some, and am delighted with my purchase.

There are more bamboo products coming on the market, and I usually buy when I see some new ones.

I was also pleased to see some publicity on Facebook for The Green Village in Bali. I remember going there in 2012, but of course, its development has continued.

For years folk have been very critical of bamboo, but these days people are more open to the many possibilities of bamboo, and I would like to see something like this around where I live, though the mozzies would be able to get in.

When I was in China in December I spent time at a Bamboo Garden which was part of the Hangzhou Botanical Gardens.  It is so beautiful and peaceful to walk amongst it, and I would love to see something like that here.

Meanwhile, I will continue my love of bamboo and use any products I see.

Yes, I do use bamboo shoots in cooking, and I found this recipe which is easy.

I have used freshly picked bamboo shoots, but mostly we used canned ones, and put them in quite late in the cooking process.  They are very healthy to eat.  You can generally buy fresh bamboo shoots in Asian food marts, some are ready cut and sliced to use, others you need to do the cutting yourself.

Check out some sites that tell the nutrient value of bamboo shoots.  Yum. I love them. They are not expensive to buy in supermarkets – Coles and Woolworths have them in the Asian cooking aisles.  Try.  Very nutritious. I wish I could get more fresh ones.

Have you tried eating bamboo?

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