Beachmere Video – Day 26 of UBC Challenge

Beachmere?  Where’s Beachmere, we are always asked if we mention the little township/village in which we live.

I found it accidentally several years ago, not long after I had left my husband/marriage and started out on a new life for me.  I had looked at a map and decided to live within 100 kms of the city of Brisbane.  I had investigated towns west of the city, but in the end, I explored close to the sea, and chose to go north.

It has been settled since the mid 1800’s but has not grown as fast as other areas.  In fact it is a little corner between a river and the sea, so not on the way to anywhere, hence its peace and tranquility.

Only a few days ago I found this video – accidentally, as it turns out, but done for a local real estate company.

Also I found this one too.

There is some information here about Beachmere in Wikipedia.

Both the videos feature the sea front of Beachmere, but there’s more to Beachmere.  The Caboolture River, a great place for fishing and boating,  borders the township on the south, and the land, though marshy, is home to cattle, sheep, goats, and horses, and is a popular spot for kangaroos and a great range of birds.

There are three lakes too – great for fishing and crabbing and a happy spot for a lot of native birds.

It was once the home of aboriginal tribes who spent a lot of time in the area, because of the number of fishing spots.  There are quite a few middens here, and used to have aboriginal bora rings (ceremonial sites), though they may have all been destroyed.  (Middens are piles of sea shells, left behind after the native people, Australia’s First Peoples, ate the body of the shell and left piles of the hard inedible shell behind.)

In early history, there was a big cheese factory here, but all evidence of it is now lost.


The Sun Arises – Stairway to the sun.



It is popular for photography and the following places/times are best.

  • seafront at low tide
  • seafront at dawn
  • river for boating photos
  • fishing
  • swamplands
  • lakes for birdlife
  • properties for animals
  • bushland for kangaroos/wallabies


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