Beds and China

When I arrived in China in 2008 and was introduced to the apartment, I was going to dwell in for the next 5 or so months, it was  late at night and after visiting a local supermarket to get some essential supplies I went to bed and slept well!   I had travelled from Australia and was very tired.  I don’t recall that I noticed the hard bed that first night!

I was to learn that hard beds were considered “healthy” in China, and subsequently, I learned to sleep on a hard mattress.   Other “foreign teachers” bought extra mattresses  to “soften” the bed.  The beds in each of the apartments were perhaps “king” size, much to my delight as being tall, I hate single beds as my legs hang over the end.  It was good for me.  I was delighted.

Many years ago, Chinese families slept on a “kang” which doubled as a stove and bed.  When it was cold, the whole family slept together on a platform (made of bricks or clay, and in more recent times cement), over a fire to help keep everyone warm.  You can read about it here. 

I remember that in 2009 I was in South Korea, and one of my students talked excitedly about the new bed for her and her husband.  I didn’t see it – but she explained that it had a marble base.  If you Google “marble bed, Korea” you will no doubt find some images of them.

Fast forward to 2016.  I was back in China and this time.

The first few nights I stayed in a private home in Shaoxing.  The room was most comfortable – especially as they had central heating and the temperature was around 25 degrees all the time.  I was given two huge doonas – they were very heavy and very warming.  I didn’t need one!!

The Chinese “make” their beds differently.  A bottom sheet above the very think mattress cover and one pillow was provided.  The bed was huge.  A king size king size I guess.

Bed Collage

The second place I stayed at was an apartment – the bed was someone less salubrious than the first one, and again I was provided with one (bottom) sheet.

I have other bed stories too.  The University took us on a tour to Wuzhen, and one of the attractions was a “Bed Museum”.  I’d never heard of a bed museum, and my initial thoughts were of surprise.  A “Bed Museum”?????   As it turned out, it was very interesting.  Click here to see more about the Wuzhen Bed Museum.

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