About Blogging

What is Blogging?

I started many years ago –  when I travelled to Ireland in 2007, my friends and family asked me to inform them of my travels.  I discovered that the easiest way to do it was to create a blog.  I did this through a paid platform and did my best to keep updated with photos and stories.

As a result, I have been blogging ever since – having a lot of fun, enjoying my writing and at times making money with my blog.  Sadly I get too busy at times to keep it up.

So what is blogging and what is its history?  Click here to find out.  (I love Wikipedia!)  I ended up teaching courses on it – between my other activities.  I ended up with quite a few blogs – most of which were not updated much.  My dog had his  own blog, and I kept updating it until his passing.

Why Blog?

It started somewhat like a diary, where I posted stories about my travels.  And it was 2007 when I got serious.  I went to Ireland on a mission, (that’s another story) and was using Typepad in my endeavour to keep family and friends informed of my activities.  It was hard, as in those days getting internet access was a challenge.

Businesses use blogging to update customers on new products, services etc, and for many it as part of their marketing – though many of the posts are more like articles than blogs.  There is often little SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), or putting the message out that there is a new blog post.

I think it is almost essential for writers, but I have learned that many do not understand the amazing benefits of doing blogging right, and if they are writers it should be easy for them to learn a few extra skills to promote themselves and their work in a blog.

Helping Bloggers – Task for 2023 

Recently  I was asked to help a group of writers create their own blogs, and I learned that most did not have a website.   Mmmm.  That means I have to start from scratch.  So where did I go for help?  Google and Youtube.

So soon these folk will be directed to this great site for newbies to learn.  Click here to find it.  You can too. It’s free to watch (after some ads).

About Blogging 1

Kramer – the mini dachshund

I ran Kramer’s Diary – or should I have called it Kramer’s Blog.  Anyway he was my favourite dog at the time and I liked recording his story.  The point is you can do almost anything in a blog – well, as long as it is legal and appropriate.

When I was house-sitting, I recorded a lot of my adventures, and when I travelled I did too.

Photos and Images

Photography came into my life around that time – not only was I recording the places I visited but I found it extremely useful to use them in my blogs.  I ended up getting fancy cameras, joining a Camera Club and entering competitions.

About Blogging 2

Rain Drops taken with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There are websites offering free images (you must acknowledge the photographer) but I prefer to take my own photos.   And it means I can set up some special images for particular topics too.

For me it is more like a hobby, though I may find that this year brings me speaking/training opportunities and more guest blogging opportunities.

I already have some consultations in motion, so I will see how blogging goes in 2023 and beyond.

If you are a blogger and would like some information, please comment below.



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The Knife

Transporting the Knife

I taught in a College in China in 2008, and at the end of the year, I transported all the things I had purchased there, especially those items that I believed I could use when I was back home in Brisbane.

When my colleagues and I arrived at the college campus, we were shown to neat tidy apartments, with beds made and all set for us to stay, but the kitchen had very few useful items.  So in our first few days, we bought crockery, coffee mugs, and cutlery (knife, spoon and fork), among other things to make our lives more comfortable.  Later, it was a knife (not the one I bought the first time I was there) that caused a problem.

The post office in the centre of town was a place we would visit occasionally. We’d send gifts back to family members for birthdays, and items of interest as souvenirs of our travels, or add to our collection of postage stamps or coins too.

One day when I went in, the man who looked after the boxes in the post office, took me to meet his daughter who stood in a very strange space selling lottery tickets.  That was her job.  He wanted me to talk with her as she was attending English classes.  So every time I visited the post office, I’d go and talk with her. Just a friendly short visit with about 5 minutes of chatting.

I didn’t plan to return in 2010, but I did, just for one semester.  On my return trip back to Australia, I planned to stay a few days in Hong Kong so sent several boxes of things back home via the post office. I didn’t want to lug a heavy suitcase around, so put a knife, spoon, fork and teaspoon in one of the boxes, along with a whole range of other safe items.

When you want to send items by post you have to purchase a box from “the box man” and the post office staff check that you are not sending unlawful items, and after the check, you can pack the box with the help of the box man.

The Knife Problem

But I had a knife in my box.  Forbidden.  Someone might get stabbed.  Really??? I was told I could not send the knife but would have to carry it in my luggage.  Would someone look for this weapon in the box of goodies in the many boxes on the plane?  Crazy stuff. The staff member put my cutlery aside and I paid for the postage and filled in the documents while the box man packed and sealed the box.

When I went to leave I could not find my cutlery.  A little annoyed and assuming that one of the staff had stolen my “dangerous” cutlery, I left feeling a bit angry over the whole thing.

The Knife 3

My Chinese Cutlery Collection

The above photo is of my collection of cutlery.  The set on the right was the one I bought in 2008 and brought home safely in my luggage. The set on the left is the cutlery with the scary knife that caused me trouble in the post office that day.

So how did I get the whole set back?

On my return to Australia after an interesting few days exploring Hong Kong, the box of things that I had posted from China a few days before my departure, arrived at my home address in Brisbane.

When I unpacked it, I was shocked to find the cutlery packed in the box!!  I was gobsmacked!  How did that happen?

So my cutlery was not stolen in the post office, and I suspect my dear box man, who appreciated my friendship with his daughter, snuck the cutlery into the box and it arrive safely for me to keep as a reminder of my time in China.

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My Housesitting Career is over.

House Sitting

The idea of house-sitting came to me because my husband made life difficult for me when I was studying for my first university degree in the late 1990s.  I had been working for a program where unemployed people were supported in learning about getting work. I had a TAFE qualification to allow me to teach, but I chose to get further qualifications.

I was working part-time and attending various lectures at the university campus, I spent my evenings working on my assignments.  My husband had to watch tv on his own and kept interrupting me.  “Do you want a glass of wine or some coffee?” or any other excuse.  Sometimes I would sleep in the evening and get up at midnight and spend quiet time with my studies.  My husband didn’t like that.  He claimed I was noisy and he couldn’t sleep!  I tried everything to keep up with my studies.

Sneaky Advertisement

After a chat with a friend, I thought about house-sitting.  What if I could care for a pet or two locally, and get the space I needed to complete my studies?

I did some research, and then put a small advertisement in a local paper, which resulted in a phone call from a lady who lived around 3 kms from where we lived at the time.  I went and met the family, who were going overseas for a few weeks.  It was a lovely house and there was a garden, a small dog and a cat to care for.  So a couple of weeks later, they took off on their holiday and I moved in.

My husband asked about the family – I told him that they were friends of friends and I had offered to help them out.

Peace for Study

It was amazing.  I managed to study on my own time and was able to quickly complete my assignments without interruption.  After a few weeks, I returned to our home and coped with the interruptions.  Then I started getting other offers to house sit and I would take on short house-sitting opportunities as it suited me.  It worked well.  Hubby wasn’t very happy but acknowledged that now he slept better without my nighttime interruptions.

Eventually, I finished my studies and graduated from the university very proud of my achievement!

Word got around among my friends and beyond, so I had many offers to house sit, and though I didn’t need it the way I had earlier, I was happy to help out people who wanted their house looked after while they were away.

House Sitting – My life savour!

Quite a few years later our marriage ended.  It was house-sitting that saved me.  I knew the marriage was over – and a friend phoned me to see if I could house-sit for her.  Her sitter had suddenly cancelled, and she was to go overseas within a few days.  So I accepted and eventually spent a year looking after her house.

When she returned I moved to another friend’s home as he was going to travel for a year and there was a little dog to care for.

And I did so for several years more, as there were plenty of offers.  I lived in country houses, city houses, on an island and more.  I looked after cats and dogs, and chickens, lizards, and a rabbit.   When I drove around Australia I did one house sit in South Australia too.

I have stayed in a range of homes, including a property on a canal on Bribie Island surrounded by luxury!

Helping Family

I don’t really do it any more but have helped family members when they travelled.  Recently I had a one-night stand at my daughter’s, to care for a cat. I posted a photo on FB of the cat, sprawled over the keyboard of my laptop – and I’ve been asked to do some more housesitting as a result.  I am not starting my house-sitting career again. If it’s a one-nighter I can cope.


Who is important?

My Special Friend

But it has been fun, though I did have a few unhappy events which I won’t go into.

If you want to explore house sitting, please get to know the people, their home and their animals before committing.  You can’t just leave if things go wrong.  It can be challenging.

My Housesitting Career is over. 4







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Old Badges

Collection of Old Badges and Jewellery

When I posted about The Argonauts Club, I mentioned that I still had my badge, but when I looked for it, I could not find it.  I knew, that if I stopped looking for it, I would most likely find and I did.  I recall that when I received it, way back around 1954, the sails were green, but sadly that colouring has disappeared.

Old Badges 5

Argonauts Club Badge

Girl Guide Badge

Around the same time that I became an Argonaut, I also joined the Girl Guide movement, as a Brownie, which is what the junior girls were called.  My career in Guides went for around 8 years, with my time in Brownies, and then in the Swallow Patrol of 1st Warradale Guide group, and later a Ranger Guide.

I loved Guides and challenges, and was an enthusiastic hiker, and camper and earned many badges.  I was pleased to be one of the first girls to earn the Aboriginal Badge too, after researching about life as a First Nations person.

When Lady Baden Powell (the founder of the Guide Movement) came to Australia about 1959, I met her as my patrol came second in a competition, and the prize was a meeting with her.

I went on to earn the highest award in Guides at the time, the Queen’s Guide Award, which was presented to me at Government House, Adelaide.  My certificate did not have a date on it, and sadly has not survived the many years since.

Old Badges 6

My Queen’s Guide Badge

Nursing in Mt Gambier

In my late teens, I headed off to Mt Gambier, in the south-east of South Australia, a long way from my family in Adelaide,  to do nursing training.  In those days, we worked and learned “on the job”, but had regular lectures, exams and more.

The training was for 3 years and 3 months (the latter because each year we had one month’s holiday leave), and I eventually graduated early in 1966.  The Mt Gambier Badge is not as perfect as when I received it way back then, but it is one of the badges in my collection.

Old Badges 7

Mt Gambier Hospital Badge

Age has wearied the badge and it is almost impossible to read the words on the badge – but it is a special member of my collection.

Old Badges 8

More Badges

More Badges

Not the best picture, but a few more from my collection.  Thr RN badge, awarded when I became a “registered nurse”.  Th Quota International badge from my days as a member, and the last one from the time I completed my first university degree.

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My Argonaut’s Story

I was an Argonaut

Were you a member of “The Argonauts”?

When I was at primary school, a long time ago, I used to walk to school in the outer suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.  I attended two primary schools, Brighton Primary School and the new school, Oaklands Primary School, when it opened in 1953.

The way to get to school was on foot. While it was only 2 kilometres (or 1.24 miles), it was through bushland, back and forth 5 days a week.  My mother did not have a car to take me to school, but I sometimes rode my bicycle in my last years of primary school.

I would always hurry home from school, and listen to several programs on the radio.  I recall there were stories of Pollyanna, The Adventures of Hop Harrigan, as well as the ABC program, the Argonauts.  In my Google search, the information is that the Hop Harrigan program was from 1944 to 1948, but that does not make sense to me, as I was too young over that timeline, to be listening to the radio.

Jason and the Argonauts

My favourite radio show was the children’s program, The Children’s Session, on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission).  It was a great show, with all sorts of material in it – from stories, songs and much more.  The program The Argonauts Club, was based upon the mythical story of Jason and the Argonauts.

To become a member, one had to complete a written application and send it to the ABC – I recall it was free, and when you were accepted you would receive a small certificate with your name and the name of a ship, and what number you were.  I was Sardinia 34.

Argonaut’s Membership

I remember in those days I occasionally wrote a short article and posted it to the radio station and I recall hearing one of my stories read aloud – I think they presented these on Fridays. The ABC also had a Children’s Newspaper, which I think was posted to readers, and I recall one of my stories was published there too.

One of my stories was about a teacher I met, a man from Indonesia.  I still have my autograph book and his signature is in it. Koeswandano, was his name.

I read recently that Barry Humphries (Dame Edna) was also a member of the Argonauts too.  Now and then I come across another member – though not all submitted stories, as I had done.

It was an amazing program for children and I am sure our parents would have been happy to have us glued to the radio late in the afternoon.  At least it gave mothers plenty of “free” time to prepare the evening meal without the interruptions of their children!!!

I still have my Argonaut’s badge – and somewhere my certificate with my Sardinia 34 name on it.

The Newspaper

'Sooty, Front Page of 'The Children's Newspaper', March 1955' Giclee ...

The magazine was wonderful for children -helping us with reading and writing, as well as educating us with the many stories.

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What a lot of rubbish!

Christmas Rubbish

So many trollies filled to the brim with Christmas foods, Christmas gifts and more. And so much rubbish!!!

Despite the issues in Australia with homelessness, lack of affordable housing, and the financial challenges that people have been experiencing, I was surprised to see so many people with full trollies. How much of it would end up as debris and add to the already concerning excess rubbish for collection?

Food waste? Sure, there’d probably be a lot after Christmas – and most is likely to end up in the rubbish bin for the local council to collect and add to landfill. Would much of it end up in compost bins? I hope so.  All the wrapping paper will eventually break down and maybe some will end up in compost bins.

But I can imagine that the family rubbish bin will be filled with “stuff” hastily and easily discarded, rather than recycled.  Hopefully, that is not the case!


Are people “hoarding” more?  And are Christmas gifts adding to the hoarding?  I have no doubt.  I have seen in some homes, how many items are purchased, but are rarely used, and just stored.

I watch the great storage facilities that are opening up around the suburbs and wonder if people are just moving household and other items to these places and storing things that they just want to keep.  Sure, many businesses use these facilities and are an important part of their business, but I know folk who use (and pay for of course) these facilities just to keep items that perhaps should be rehomed.

What a lot of rubbish! 9

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Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year Plans

Christmas and New Year 10

2023 Christmas Card

As December approaches,  I plan for Christmas and the New Year. I like to get organised with my Christmas cards, and plans for the next year.

I have been creating my own Christmas Cards for several years – especially for family and close friends.  I take a photograph and then head to Officeworks where I print them. I then glue them to a 5″ x 7″ card and write my message inside.  I have to plan for this some months before –  so planning for Christmas and New Year starts early.

The photo above is my 2023 version.  The Merry Christmas part is the lid of a small box that I bought several years ago.  The fluffy dog toy has been with me a long time too, and the glass fairy has been in my possession for probably 25 years. Read below about my fairy.

In years past, I have been well organised (most of the time) and have sent my special cards and a letter detailing the events of the year, to family around Australia.  this year, I have been slack.  In part, it is because I can’t find the file with all the family addresses.  In part, it is also, that many people do not reciprocate and I never hear from them.

Tottie, the Glass Fairy

I have no idea how she came to be in my life, but it was over 24 years ago.  She has had many adventures, mostly starring in my photos.  Two of my wonderful grandchildren lived nearby, and when they were toddlers, I would show them a photo of a small garden ornament, where Tottie the fairy lived.  They never saw her there, but, “magically” I was able to occasionally see her in the garden and I would take a photo and show the girls.  They were always excited and would often sneak out to the garden to see if Tottie was there.  Sadly for them, they never saw her there.

Later, I would take Tottie to their home, and take photos of her amongst the gerberas (we had a family gerbera farm there), or in their bedrooms with their toys.  The grandchildren (now adults) are not as excited seeing Tottie now, as they used to be but I choose to use her still – that is why she is on the Christmas card 2023!

Christmas Sorted – Now End of Year Plans

I do like to have my plans organised by the end of the year, but it is January, that I find the time to focus on the details.  I have a notepad with lots of notes, scribbles, exclamation marks, and highlights from green and yellow highlighter pens.  But I am not ready yet.  I look forward to the first couple of weeks of 2024, when I will finalise the details.

Writing – I plan to do more, and finish some works that have been lying ignored in my computer or printed in a huge folder.  I will be blogging more – and doing a couple of courses (already paid for, so I will have to do them) and hoping to reach more readers.

I have taken on a role with the Older Women’s Network Queensland, which will take up considerable time in 2024, but I am trying to carefully plan the time so that I don’t miss my writing deadlines.

Holiday?  Thinking about it – but I may have two house-sitting gigs on this year.  One will be caring for a cat and some chickens.   And the chickens have had a fox and a large python in their pen in the last week, so I might be having a very interesting time.

I am looking forward to 2024 with great excitement.  And maybe going back to study in 2025.  Bring it on.

Christmas and New Year 11

Christmas Card Photo 2022

Question for my readers – do you plan the next year before Christmas?

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Smacking a Naughty Child

Smacking a Child

When I was growing up, smacking was the way parents “disciplined” children.  While some parents lost their tempers and hit the child with such force that injuries were caused, I never experienced any injuries.  If we were disobedient at school, the teacher would hit us – perhaps with the “cane” or stick.  Sometimes it would be a whack on the hand, and sometimes boys were smacked on their bottom.

Smacking has been banned in around 65 countries around the world, according to Wikipedia, but in most countries, it is an acceptable way to discipline a child.  Click here for information.  When it was banned in Australia, several years ago, the message was that children who were smacked were likely to become violent adults.  I recall being amazed at that for I was aware of smacking being the method of choice by parents during my growing up days.  Everyone I knew, who had been brought up in the times of my childhood, and had been smacked, were not violent.  My sister and I, smacked by our mother, have not been violent.

My experience is that smacking worked.  I didn’t “belt” my children, I would use my hand and smack them just once or twice.  Never was there any blood or bruising.  I do remember that I did not “enjoy” smacking my children – in fact, I was very uncomfortable about it, but to this day, I am pleased that I did so, when appropriate.

I have no expertise in the field of child punishment, but I felt strongly that a quick smack (doing no damage to the child) was an affective way to discipline a child.   But I never believed the stories in the media, that children who were smacked became violent.

How do parents teach children the difference between right and wrong?

The Naughty Corner? I doubt if that worked for everyone – and I thought that this style of discipline was more punishment for the parent.  I saw several children punished this way, and I don’t believe that it was effective!    I have read material about the new methods – one is here,   I have seen children where the parents have used the new methods, but I didn’t see that they worked well.  I still believe that a gentle smack to the hand, leg, or bottom worked.

Juvenile Crime

So is the new method working?   It concerns me that currently in Australia, we have a major problem with juvenile crime.  Young people are stealing cars, breaking into houses and stealing items, and in some cases assaulting the people who thought they would be safe in their own homes.

The recent death of a South Australian well-respected doctor after his home was broken into and he was bashed is of great concern – it seems that so many juveniles have no concern for other people or their properties.   How can such a valuable doctor be killed in this way?

Has Juvenile Crime increased due to a lack of Smacking?

In my mind, I am wondering if this new method of managing naughty children has failed.  I have seen no discussion in the media, about the causes of this huge concern that is making people around the country feel unsafe.  Juveniles bash and rob people in the shopping centres, streets and in their homes.  Some places are set on fire.  There have been several deaths too – leaving children without a parent, and destroying the happiness of families.

The police and courts are not coping with the massive increases in crimes committed by juveniles.

I wonder if parents have been unable to make the new system of discipline work for them.  Have they been able to educate their children, so that they understand the risks to themselves of disobeying laws?   I always remember at school being taught The Ten Commandments, which I remember to this day!  There have been many “updates” of the commandments and I can’t easily find the words I recall.

To me the method of teaching children the difference between right and wrong is failing.

So what is next?

What do you think?

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More on Purple

More  Purple

There’s much more to my purple collection than I wrote about in the first post.  Did I mention my bed sheets?  Bath towels? Paint? Teddy Bears? Key ring? Bamboo knitting? And so it goes.

If I am out shopping I am often drawn to any purple items in the shops – I don’t buy anything and everything, but if it is an item that I am likely to choose, I may just take it to the checkout and pay!

Also, I often have purple hair – not all my locks are in purple, but I manage to colour my hair purple, usually on the right-hand side.  I find it amusing how many people comment.  In the most amazing random places, it happens.  Yesterday as I was leaving the Brisbane City Hall after a Seniors Christmas Party Event, one of the male staff members stopped me to say he loved my hair.  I have been in a hospital (visiting a friend) and two doctors stopped me to comment positively on my hair colour.

Certainly, many ladies with coloured hair stop me, to comment about my hair colour.   I find it amusing.  It’s one way to get noticed – in a positive sense!

More on Purple 12

More Purple

Purple pens, purple USB sticks, manilla folders, notebook covers, and pens, (oh, and I use a fountain pen with purple ink too!)  I have a laugh when I look around my unit and see the purple items.  It’s random.  Fun.

I find it all amusing really.  I am often chuffed when someone gives me a gift – and that it is purple.  It doesn’t happen all the time – but when I do we usually laugh, and love it that folk know about my “addiction”.

The New Movie – The Color Purple

My memory doesn’t serve me well sometimes, and I have tried to recollect ever seeing the movie by this name, way back in 1985.  I can recall some details, but not sure if I saw the movie with Oprah Winfrey, but I have learned that there is a “remake” of the movie called “The Color Purple” due out in January 2024.  I do plan to see it when in comes to a a theatre near me – but I have watched the trailer and it looks very brutal to me.  Not the sort of movie that I am keen on, but I will make sure I see it.

I certainly know about the brutality of those days in American History.

I wonder if the new movie will be as successful as the one released in 1985?

Here is a trailer of the new movie.


Have you any comment on the movie/s?

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The Love of Purple

The Love of Purple

If anyone had asked me what my favourite colour was before 2008, I would have said blue. Still, I wasn’t a passionate colour fan – and I would probably have had to think for a few minutes before my answer. But some things happened in 2008 that changed that!

Taken with Olympus OM10

The Purple Gift that I received in 2008

In January 2008, I suddenly decided to take up an offer to teach in China, in the wonderful city of Shaoxing, which I had never heard about.  It was a crazy few weeks before I departed Australia, and crazier when I arrived there, for I had so much to learn about living there.

I taught several classes – working Monday to Friday in the College, (which became a university while I was there), and at the end of the semester, as we celebrated our hard work, one class of students gave me a gift that I treasure to this day.  I treasured all the gifts I received, especially from one class that gave me items in the colour purple.  I was curious and asked the students why they had chosen the colour purple.  They had noticed that I had a few items in purple.  I hadn’t realised that I had so many purple things, but the girls convinced me that purple was “my” colour.  And so it started that I would always seek purple items when shopping.

One of the items was a purple bowl (pictured above), in which tiny pieces of paper had wonderful words about me and my teaching in that semester.  when I feel sad or upset I unroll the little messages – all positive – and it makes me feel much better. 15 years ago and it is still very important to me!

Purple and Me – 2023

Purple is my colour of choice now – but it is not easy!  It is hard to find clothing in purple – some of the major dress shops have little or nothing in that colour.  I have fabric to make some myself – perhaps a task over the Christmas/New Year holidays.  But I do wear a lot – I’ve made purple earrings, I colour my hair purple, and I wear purple nail polish.  And as much purple as I can.

Taken by professional photographer

Me in purple

But there was someone who really did it well, and sadly today I learned that she had passed away.  I met Dale Spender many years ago – perhaps in the 1980’s, I don’t recall exactly when, but we met at several women’s events during that period.  It was before I was “outed” as a purple-lover, but she took it to the highest level – and was a great feminist, writer and speaker.  She really used the colour purple everywhere including lipstick and more.

Read here about her amazing life.

Why the colour Purple?

There is much written about the colour purple.  It is considered a colour related to the “royals”.  If you explore Google with purple as your search word you will learn many things about the colour.  It is made using red and blue colours – and red is seen as the power colour.  Does that ring any bells with you?

A famous film called “The Colour Purple” released in 1985, brought the colour into popularity.   You can read more about the movie here.  This article in Wikipedia is full of great information too.

Everyone loves Purple

While I like to see it as the colour for women, and everyone will see the colour at the time of International Women’s Day, and much of the merchandise the colour is used.  But many organisations use purple – it is not exclusive to women’s organisations!

The Love of Purple 13

Purple Jewellery and more

I have been making my own jewellery for years – and if I see any piurple beading in a bead shop, I will buy it.  I have plenty of necklaces and earrings.

The Love of Purple 14

More purple things

So my love of purple continues – my friends and family sometimes give me some funny comments about it, but it is me.  The more purple the merrier.

Oh, and I do wear purple eye shadow and occasionally purple lipstick!

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