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I love Blogging.  I have been a Blogger since 2005 – when I started my first blog to document my trip to Ireland.  Since 2008 I have blogged on the platform Blogger, and in recent years have also blogged on WordPress.

Generally I blog about my life, my travels, my adventures and anything else that I feel urged to write about.  I have also been a workshop presenter on Blogging for a number of organisations.

I have participated in a number of Blog programs too – and find that many are populated mostly by American Bloggers.  I would like to encourage more Aussies to blog.

I enjoy doing workshops on Blogging.  I like to encourage more folk to Blog.

Which “Platform” do I prefer?  It can be done on any website type platforms.  Many business websites have a Blog page, where they update information for customers/clients.

A web page tends to be a static page – where a regular blog page is easier to update and keep your followers up to date with any information.  It can be challenging and time-consuming, but it does tend to engage supporters.  Generally, a blog has about 300 words, perhaps some photographs, and links to other information.

I like Blogger and WordPress – but essentially like to teach people to use Blogger unless they are fairly switched on.  Wordpress is brilliant but just a little complex for newbies.  Both Blogger and WordPress are free to use.  Hosting can be a cost – but is not necessary with Blogger unless you wish to use your own domain name.

I will be working with “newbies” initially – so it will be Blogger.

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