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What Blogs do I “watch”?  I don’t do a lot of Blog Reading – though it depends.  I prefer travel blogs and am likely to follow the adventures of someone I know, though at the moment I don’t have any friends travelling and blogging.

I am more likely to follow Blogs about Blogging.  One of my favourites is ProBlogger.  Darren Rowse is a top blogger and his website and emails are full of useful information about blogging.

Another Blog that I read occasionally is Successful Blogging.  Again more wise information on blogging.

I am a member of Blog Chicks – an Australian site where Aussie Bloggers register their blogs.  I often visit and read what other Australians are blogging about.  I like blogging about my life

I like blogging about my life – about my travels, photography etc.  I do check my stats from time to time, but as I have said before, I am not selling anything and don’t bother too much about my statistics. However, I do note that my readers increase.

One of my other blogs is here – and has not been updated very much recently.  It is the blog where I detail some of my travels and occasionally rant about something.  I use Blogger for this site – and am now learning WordPress.

I am surprised how few of my writing friends blog – it is to me a “no brainer” in that I can start writing every day with my blog.  Somehow it helps me keep writing.  Though these days I seem to be heading off to committee meetings etc at a great rate of knots that hampers my writing.  Something I hope to change soon.  I must, I must, finish some of my writing!!!!

Australian Women Bloggers Directory by Blog Chicks

I do read a lot of other blogs, but have no specific ones to follow.  Have done, but time is an issue for me know so I am rather casual about watching other blogs.


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