I had booked into a motel in Boggabilla – just over the border in NSW.  I have a memory of the town from way back in the 1980’s.  I had been to Melbourne on business and on the day I went to the airport to fly home, after staying one night with my sister in law, I discovered that there was a strike by pilots, if I recall correctly.  After a lot of drama I booked on a bus returning to Brisbane the following morning and went back to the sister in law’s home for the night.

My clothes were business style, and not comfortable for the bus trip which was in an old bus.  It was not a good trip.  We did stop at Boggabilla – I think to get fuel and food for us, but it was very late at night, and on a night that a satellite was due overhead, so we all stood and watched the sky to see this tiny light cross the skies.  I don’t recall that I have been this way since then.

The first place I saw as I entered New South Wales was an old house.  I paused and took a photo.  It is very old – with plenty of corrugated iron – one of my favourite things to see in the bush.


Old House near Boggabilla

Another place at  Boggabilla, which has some history is The Wobbly Boot Hotel.


The Wobly Boot Hotel


Old shops in Boggabilla

There is an old timber church, but not much else in this old town.  In fact, I think it is very sad that the town has been allowed to go into such disrepair as clearly is the “entrance” to NSW. There are some modern buildings and a school which I didn’t see.  There are about 600 people living there.



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