Book Reviews – How They Help Your Writing

I confess I don’t do regular Book Reviews.  I do know that I should do more, but it is a time factor with me.

Not a lot of reviews are done with some of the books I read.  Often when I am looking at buying a book online I will check on the reviews.  Some have an even split around 50/50 of readers who hate or love the book.  Their comments are worth reading, and should one choose to read/buy the book, it is interesting to read the reviews, and check them against your opinions.

Biographies or History

I am not a great reader of fiction – tending to read more biographical or historical stories. I was interested that yesterday a writing friend was adamant that I should be an editor. We laughed as often I am referred to as the “Word Police”.  I often see spelling errors before others do – as if the incorrectly spelt word jumps out at me.

Today in my news feed I received information on writing reviews, so I am going to take some time to see what has been advised in the article.

Book Reviews

Books by Anne Splatt (

Interesting too, that Neuroplasticity supporters promote the idea of reviewing books and movies as a way of “retraining” your brain and helping your memory.  It’s good to discuss a book with someone else who has read it – which is why Book Clubs are so valuable.

Perhaps read a book after you have read a review, and then take time (without re-looking at the reviews again to write your own review.  Then you might take the time to compare what you have written to the other reviews.  Every reader has different things that impress or not when reading a book.


Why not experiment and test your views against others?  If you are a writer you may find the exercise of value in creating your own words.

Why not leave a book review here in comments?

Book Reviews - How They Help Your Writing 1

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