Builders’ Profit over Quality

What’s Happening in the Building Industry?

I did a bit of a rant in my post yesterday when I really set out to write different material.  It is not my intention to remove the post but will continue with what I set out to write about.  I was indicating that so many folk in the building industry are more interested in profits for themselves, rather than ensuring that the quality of the build is appropriate and safe.  And the way our laws are, the builders’ responsibility for the quality of the build is short-lived.  The owners who bought the unit/apartment are often left with a hefty bill, or in the case of the Opal Tower,  I do believe that developers and builders can be focussed on profit, not quality of build.    I was pleased to read this article by someone with building qualifications.  Read it here. 

My Experiences in New Buildings

Twice in recent years, I have been the first tenant in a new building.  One, a duplex had few problems, but I did make note of some silly things.  One was that the laundry was in the garage, and to get to the clothesline, I had to carry my load of washing through the house, out the back door and along a stony pathway.  Now, I know some builders make the assumption that most people use a dryer to dry their clothes, but clearly, as they had installed a clothesline, the builder was giving the householder the option.  The long walk and rocky pathway made for some challenges!!!

And There’s More

In my current building, the “laundry” is in a cupboard.  Squeezed in is a laundry tub and cupboard and large dryer, making it impossible to fit in a top loader washing machine.  I do use the top loader (as that is the only washing machine I have, and I don’t like front loaders!)  Oh, and the clothesline?  Beside the unit are four lines attached to the fence.  It is in a space that rarely gets sunlight, and worse, it is under two massive trees.  The trees drop a sticky substance that sticks on the line, making it useless for hanging clean clothing.  Oh, and birds add to the problem by doing their droppings in the trees which land on the line or the washing, if there is any there.

In the first building, the water meter “died”.  When the plumber came to “repair” it, I saw him slamming a screwdriver into the motor.  The fellow later claimed that I must have damaged it! (He didn’t know that I saw him do it!)  He put in a high quote for its repair, but when I asked for another plumber to repair it, it was done free as it was under warranty!

My List of Faults in the New Digs.

Fire Doors – I understand the need for fire doors, but they are terribly heavy and close quickly.  In the early days, it closed so quickly that I was left bruised.  Luckily the management was able to slow it down.  Because my only door is a fire door there is no security on it.  I am unable to see (even from a window) who it is knocking on my door.  And idiots do it at night as well, for they know I can’t see them.  Clearly, I don’t open the door at night and do so cautiously during the day.

Storage – how anyone can believe that there are adequate cupboards in the unit I do not know!  I won’t go on about it, but tenants I speak to complain about it.

Floor Tiles – “new” non-slip tiles cover the floors in the walkways to the apartments and also on the balcony and in the lift.  They resist most efforts to clean them.  Consequently, we have to put up with dirty floors.

Dirty Floor in Lift

Non-slip tiles are hard to clean














The List Goes On……………

I won’t go into more details, but, Dear Reader, you must get the message. There is a long list of issues. It is about the developer and builder making the highest profit in many cases.  Just like the article mention above.

Buyer Beware

Just be very careful when buying an apartment, especially in a high rise project.  Get reliable building inspectors to give you a report.  But who can you trust?


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