Bundaberg and NaNoWriMo

It is a big ask to write 50,000 words in a month – especially a very busy month. But that’s what we try to achieve during November. NaNoWriMo.  I started late – changed direction at the end of week one, and here I am more than halfway through the month, but not even halfway through my word count.  However, I do have a sense of pride in what I have already done, and a hope that I can catch up.

The story is one that has been brewing in my mind for many years,an unexpected meeting with two unlikely people, and an exploration of their quite different lives. One is a young modern girl who has finished her first year of university study who ran away from home after family conflict, and the other is a woman who faced unimaginable challenges in her life some 50 years earlier.  They spend time together learning about their respective lives.

The tale is set in Queensland, around the Apple Tree Creek area, and I just had to travel up to Bundaberg, which is just north of Apple Tree Creek to check on some detail for my story.  It is many years since I have been up here, and I must have a good memory of it, as the detail that I had stored in my head is as it is.  A distance of nearly 400 kms.

I am more than satisfied with my descriptions of the places that I mention in my novel, though some minor changes will be made.

It is many years since I was in this area – our daughter did live in Rockhampton, which is another 400kms north about 20 years ago.  We would have bypassed Bundaberg on the trip north for the most part on our journey.  I don’t recall the last time we were here but the city is certainly bigger – it has grown so much with major shopping centres etc. and many housing developments right to the coast.

It was the area around Apple Tree Creek that concerned me – and I did turn off onto what would have been a dirt track twenty years ago to explore the vegetation and I found this old cattle yard, made of timber no doubt harvested from around the area.  It looks derelict now.


Old cattle yard

Around Howartd, I saw the signs to Bamboo Land.  I describe myself as a “bamboo addict” exploring the many uses of bamboo, and just loving the plants.  Bamboo Land is one of the very best bamboo nurseries I have visited.  I was charmed by the whole set up – the welcoming and friendly staff, and the wonderful range of bamboo products.


Teak horses at Bamboo Land

It is a great place to stop for a break from travelling – only about 5 minutes off  the main road.


In the shop at Bamboo Land.


Bamboo tunnel

IMG_5206I had brought my bike to ride around the area, but while having a look around Bargara which is the beach area of Bundaberg I could see a huge storm in the south, so I made my way back to the motel very quickly – not wanting to get caught in a horrific storm.  there was a massive storm, thunder and lighning, and inches of rain, but I was safely in my room.  Maybe no bike riding this visit.


Storm clouds approaching Bundaberg and Bargara


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