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The Wonder of TED Talks

The wonder of TED Talks
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Abuse of Women Continues

Thoughts on the continued Abuse of Women.
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Overcoming Loneliness

A few ideas here for those who are lonely, especially women. Continue reading

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HeForShe Movement

There are many wonderful women speakers on TEDTalks, but I found the ones talking about HeForHer, and the inequality of males and females to be most interesting. Continue reading

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About Mary Durack

Mary Durack wrote of the harsh life in northern WA in her books, the most popular being Kings in Grass Castles, which detailed the living in that area. Continue reading

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The Crazy One Child Policy and How it Affects the Chinese

The One-Child Policy in China has ended, but it has repercussions that will affect the Chinese for many years to come. Continue reading

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Invisible Women

Everyone needs to read this book- Invisible Women – to understand the ongoing bias against women in so many areas of our lives.
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Shebah – The Ride Share for Women

Today I travelled with the Shebah Rideshare service for Women and Children. Very impressed. Will do it again when I have the opportunity.
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My Life as a Manicurist

It was many years ago now, that for a short period, perhaps 5 years, I was a nail care representative or manicurist. Continue reading

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My Fair Lady

The Movie My Fair Lady I do remember the movie My Fair Lady – it goes back to 1964 when this film first made it to the screen.  Was there much discussion about it in those days about the words … Continue reading

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