City Living – Awful

I hate city living.  It’s awful. I’d love to live in the country.  Sadly my family prefer city living.  I’ve travelled by train from the seaside Wynnum area several times, and the view from the train window almost makes me sick.

Dirty, Untidy and Awful Graffiti.

Both sides of the line the views are rather ghastly.  In some places there are high fences – supposedly to keep out vandals and noise.  I’m not sure it works with either but am in no position to comment on the noise factor.  Clearly the graffiti vandals get in – and they paint their stupid signs and so-called “art work” along buildings, fences, or anything.  Some of the graffiti is painted over to “delete” it, but then leaves the building/fence half and half.

Then as the train travels, there are dirty brick bridges and other structures where they look dirty – with stains from traffic/trains, or just the polluted air covering them all.  There are weeds of all sorts along the tracks – such an ugly place.  Ok, there are costs involved, but it just looks untidy and dirty.

City Living - Awful 1


Then the multi storied buildings everywhere.  So many, and for me, not great living.  I do hope the folk that live in these buildings enjoy them.  I wouldn’t.   One of the things that bothers me (and others, I have learned) is the limited parking available at these buildings. As well, traffic is a problem – with those who must drive to work taking so long to get to their destinations because of the many cars on the roads.  Roads that are not able to safely take the huge number of cars!

Country for Me.

Give me the country life.  Any time.

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