City Living – It’s Not For Me

Clayfield – Memories of the Past

City Living – here I am house sitting at Clayfield, a suburb I know well, though it has changed over the years.  Clayfield is an “old” suburb, around 7 kms from the centre of Brisbane.  My daughter started school here many years ago – attending Clayfield College which is only a short walk from where I am house sitting.

It is a lovely suburb in many ways, with many older style timber homes, many built around the mid-1900’s.  They are classic Queenslanders, though many modernised.

From around 1978 when taking Janet to and from school, I’d often drive around the suburbs admiring the homes. It is a rather upmarket suburb with many wealthy residents – adjacent to many other upmarket properties around Ascot etc.  Over the years though, many properties have sold and unit complexes have been built.

Around 1974 Gavin had his tonsils out at the old Turrawan Hospital, which was opposite Clayfield College.  These days the College owns the old Heritage Listed hospital as well as many other properties on Sandgate Road, beside and opposite the College.  The College has done well, since those early days.

Increased Housing and Traffic

High rise residential buildings are common in these parts of Brisbane, making it interesting.  Some of the older homes are surrounded by these multi-storied buildings.  Driving around the suburbs to see how it has changed also shows up one of the results of this bulk housing – there are inadequate car parking spaces on many properties and cars are parked almost bumper to bumper along both sides of many streets.

I note that even driving out of this property my vision of traffic on the street is blocked by parked cars – making it a bit challenging to safely exit the driveway.


Traffic congestion is a big problem in the area – the roads are packed at peak hours.  I try and keep clear at these times.  I hate the massive traffic in the cities, which is why I’d prefer to live right out of the city.

A question I ask is why so many high-rises are being built in the near city area when there are clearly issues with parking and traffic congestion, and also the fact that so many units are vacant.  Landlords/agents are having trouble getting tenants and reducing the prices – and they continue to build more.  What a nonsense!!

Surprisingly it is very quiet in the street where I am now residing – though several times a day I hear the loud roaring of some stupid individual racing his loud car through the streets.  His?  You might ask how I know it is a male?  Of course, I don’t, KNOW, but there are few women who would do such a thing.  It’s mostly guys who like to roar the engine of their car.

City Living - It's Not For Me 1

Across the Road

City Living - It's Not For Me 2

Early morning fog from the back yard

I am here for the next few weeks and will take advantage of being close to the city.


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