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I take a lot of travel photos. I had a little chuckle to myself at the camp at Columboola as I was often wandering with my camera.  One other lady took some photos, but the others didn’t. I wondered if I would find anything of value to record.  I had my Olympus E10 with me. On many occasions, I would be wandering the campsite at Columboola looking for new images.


Behind the Campsite


The Tree Trunk


The Bus – part of the cabin

It was not difficult to find some.  The old buildings on the campsite, the campsite itself with its trees, gardens, and the creek/waterhole below.

On the road into Columboola, there were some interesting scenes.  I often wish I had a driver and I could stand up with half my body up above the roof of the car. With camera at the ready, of course.


On Ryall Road

Along the road into the camp there were some interesting “mini-cliffs”.  Some less than a meter high where the rain had washed out the soil – leaving these interesting images.  

There were plenty of photo opportunities around the camp.  I didn’t want to take photos of the campers and their vehicles.  The campsite was surrounded by trees. The creek that flowed behind the camp with its waterholes was also a great place to take photos.


One of the Waterholes

On the other side of the creek are dingoes and/or wild dogs.  I didn’t see any, but heard dogs in that area.  A couple were seen in and near the campsite in the early mornings, but I didn’t see one.   So I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of them.


Cactus Garden

Despite the waterholes in the creek, and there is a pump which is used to bring water up from the waterhole, the place is very dry.  Even after the heavy rain on the Saturday, the water dried up quickly.  There are attempts to encourage gardens in the camping ground. But it would be a hard task to do it well.  The cactus garden though is thriving.


The Red Skies on Dusk

Where my cabin was sited, I had a better view of the sunset and on this occasion, the clouds were all a dark pink.  The photo does not do justice to it.

Things to Photograph

  • Birds
  • Animals
  • Bushland
  • Historic houses
  • Campers and campervans
  • Skies
  • Creek and waterhols
  • Walking tracks
  • Amenities

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