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When you are on a committee of an organisation, there can be lots to do.

It’s my fault.  I should learn to say “No” more often – but I don’t and get myself heavily involved in an organisation.  Currently, I am president of two, and on a couple of other committees too.  Actually, generally, I enjoy it, but there are times…..

Sometimes things do not go according to plan. And “life” gets in the way too.  Sometimes I feel blessed that I am on my own, as I can work when I please.  Early morning starts don’t bother me, and there is no one living with me to worry about.  Sure, being on my own can be lonely, but my social life is pretty busy.  I don’t think I could manage a busier lifestyle.

Two of my “projects” are very time-consuming.  The Writing organisation has a few events on, but all is going pretty well, but the housing for Senior Solo Women is keeping me extremely busy.

Another Committee – Housing for Senior Solo Women

As someone who is technically homeless, I find it all consuming sometimes as I fight to get justice for women and lobby for better affordable housing.  It’s a topic that gets a lot of media, but not a lot of action by governments.  In fact, despite all the publicity, I find politicians seem to have no knowledge of the situation at all.

The statistics about homelessness are pretty raw.

  • Over 40,000 women over the age of 65 are “doing it tough” and are at risk of becoming homeless.  This figure is predicted to double by 2036

(These figures are from this website – Mangrove Housing –  but I am not sure of their source.)

They are pretty stark statistics anyway, but I suspect the real figure is much higher than that.  I don’t know the source of these figures.

I doubt that I would be included in that number as I am not registered with any organisation other than SoSeW, and we don’t collect statistics at this point.

Old lady

Photo by Christian Langballe –

As most of the politicians are male, there appears to be little interest in helping the cohort that I am working with. The fight continues.

All this work does connect me with other committees too – though I have enough to do already.

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