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Community Service has been part of my life since my days as a Brownie and Girl Guide in Adelaide many years ago.  Most of my life I have been doing service for free – just to help whatever community I am living in at the time.

In the last three years, I have been a Volunteer at the Caboolture Historical Village, not far from home.  It is a place of great Australian history – where I have been able to learn a lot more about the way people lived in this area way back over the last nearly 200 years.


Old Hotel at the Historical Village

What surprises me is how few people actually do community service of any type.  The organisations such as Lions, Rotary, school P & C’s are finding it hard to get the number of parents they need to keep the school events going.

(Read below for a joke)

I have always found it fulfilling. I meet new people, which has been especially helpful when I moved to a new location and knew no one.  One almost always learns new skills too. I first became a volunteer as I have explained above, and I looked at the organisations in my locality, but could not find one initially that appealed.  Then a new one started and I became one of the members of that new group, and together with an enthusiastic team we have done marvellous things in the community.  The best bit, is that I have made some great friendships.

Someone sent me this joke, that I can’t help but repeat.

Did you know that Lions have sex six times a day?  Have you heard that?

I was with a senior gentleman the other day, and I asked “Are you in Lions or Rotary?”   I knew the answer, before I asked the question.  He replied “Rotary”

“Oh,” said I, “I heard Lions have sex six times a day”.  I could see him thinking, and then he laughed.  “You got me!” he laughed.

I hope this has made you smile.

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