Connection with Strangers

It started as a normal day. I had no idea the connections I was to make on this day.   I went to the Caboolture Historical Village – I was to try on my costume for Heritage Day, and when meeting my other colleagues I met a new volunteer.  Over the next couple of hours we spent a little time together, and when I asked her a few questions I learned that she was from South Australia, as I was.  I mentioned Mt Gambier – as I had done my nursing training there, and I was to wear a Matron’s outfit in the old Caboolture Hospital in the grounds of the Village.

She mentioned a connection with Mt Gambier, but within seconds said that her family was more associated with South Australia. Oh, said I.  Then you would know the family H…….. (I choose NOT to use the full name here for their privacy).  The H family were our next door neighbours way back in 1948!!  They lived in the house beside ours for about 13 years, until they moved to Kimba. Mr H, if I recall correctly), inherited a property there and the whole family moved away.  my parents kept in touch with the H family, and  they visited each other.   My sister and I were very friendly with their two eldest children, M and B, but we didn’t keep in touch.

From time to time, my parents would update me on the H family news as they kept in touch with the family and they visited each other from time to time.

When my father died in 2011, I was in Adelaide, and at the funeral, an elderly man and his daughter stood before me and asked if I remembered them.  It was Mr H and M.  I did not recognise them – many years had passed since I saw them!  It was amazing to see them again.  Mrs H had died some years previously, and they just happened to be in Adelaide so attended the funeral as they had seen the notice in the newspaper.

M and I have kept in touch, and in 2011 I stayed with M in Port Pirie, and stayed one night in Kimba too.  I even had an email from her last week.  How amazing that the lady I met in Caboolture in June 2016, knew M and all the family.  How amazingly strange is that?

Kimba Galah

The Big Galah at Kimba (from Wikipedia)

And later there was another meeting.  And more people!

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