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Bamboo Fan

Let’s Cool it with Bamboo.  I am a great Bamboo Fan!  These two words are on my business cards because I am an enthusiastic fan of anything made of bamboo.  I love it for so many reasons. It is quick growing, sustainable, almost anything can be made with it, and it just has so many exciting uses.

At the moment here in Australia, we are having a terrible heat wave, so I am more enthusiastic about my bamboo products.

Remember Taxis Before Air Conditioning?

It was quite a few years ago, I recall, that taxi drivers sat on a mat made of bamboo tiles.  Why? Because these tiles are very cool.  Sometimes not only did they have mats but the back of their seats also had a bamboo layer.  In summer in China, these great mats in a range of sizes with a variety of uses appear in the shops.

Some folk have a mat the length of their bed – lying on it is very cooling in summer.  Pillows covered with these little tiles are also favoured by some.

Seat Cooling Mat

My Bamboo Mat

Cool in Bed

I only have one mat, which I bought in Australia. The cost of it I can’t recall, but it certainly was not expensive!  It is easy to use in different ways.  I can sit on it – where ever I am – in my office on my chair at the computer, or on the lounge.

But the best thing is to slide it under the bottom sheet of my bed, where my torso will be when I am in a sleeping position and I can feel how cool it is.

There are many bamboo mats for cooling beds, and you can read more about them here.

You may find more examples of the use of bamboo tiles when you Google “bamboo tiles”.  The best place to buy them is in your local Chinatown or on eBay or Alibaba.  Or here.

So, experiment and see how bamboo can help you “Cool It”.


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