Corned Beef

I live alone – most of the time.  I have guests stay at lovely Beachmere from time to time, but mostly it is just me.  I am happy with that.  However it does impact on what food I cook.  I tend to cook easy things when I am on my own.

In my freezer I have a huge mud crab and a rather large piece of beef – the latter in preparation for a special lunch with family which was cancelled a few weeks ago.  Both are two big for just one person, so I wait.

On Saturday I suddenly remembered that I could get some corn beef.  I had this urge to have fritters – usually made in my home with “left over” roast meat, but since I haven’t roasted anything for a long time, I haven’t had any.  But corn beef would be easy.

At the Beachmere Butchery I found a nice piece of corn beef and brought it home – filled my pot with water, added an onion, some peppercorns, cloves, a couple of bay leaves and the beef and simmered it for 1 1/2 hours.

I tasted it when it was cooked.  Yum.  So in a bowl I put a cup and a 1/2 of self raising flour, and egg and milk and mixed until all the lumps had gone and added some sliced corn beef.

So into a pan with some oil spray – just a little.  Soon I was sitting down to the meal I had been craving. Corn beef fritters.  Yum.


The corned beef in the batter.


Fritters ready to eat.

And there’s plenty for a couple of meals and I will put a few slices in the freezer.  Good value.


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