Covid-19 – How Life is Different

The Changes Made by Covid-19

I was in the midst of moving when the restrictions caused by Covid-19 came into action.  Businesses closed, many products were impossible to buy, older people were confined to home, and much more.  It changed everything.  It changed our way of life, all our plans.  Now I am not complaining, for I know that I fared better than many others.  Job losses, schools closed, families in turmoil, and so it goes.

So how did it affect me?


I managed to find a company to move my things, but the distancing issue caused some challenges, but in the end, everything arrived at the new abode, though I had smaller items taken to a shipping container at Hemmant.   I still have some boxes there and every few days go and collect several and bring them to my new address to sort.  (And shred a lot of paper!!)


One of the rules is that people over the age of 70 stay at home.  Only go out for necessities.  I had a lot of necessities and reasons to leave home, but I do take care as much as I can.  I had to go to the Dept of Housing to present some documents, my new source of SeaWeed is at Capalaba (Sunlit Grocer).  It is opposite Woolworths so I can go to both. Bunnings was my other “essential” retail outlet – I purchased globes, shelving, soil, plants and much more.  At all times doing “social distancing”.

I have had reduced contact with my family – so apart from communications with a neighbour, I have been confined to home.  However, as I am still sorting things out, working out how to live in such a small space, I have been kept busy.

Garden Activity

There is a very small garden area, but I’ve not done anything other than add some pots to the space.  I have two pots of orchids (both flowering or about to flower), gerberas, tomato, lettuce, parsley, mint and a few odd bits and pieces.

Covid-19 - How Life is Different 2

The Gerbera

I’ve also created a compost bin in one of my old plastic boxes, with some of my shredded paper, and old foodstuffs.   In my previous place, I just had some pot plants on the balcony. Difficult to manage in such an area.

The garden here is “managed” by one of the residents – once or twice a week she gets out the hoses, and then tidies up.

Neglect of the Elderly during Covid-19

I have known of this property for over 20 years, and had a sense that the residents received little or no “support” from the government.  I have learned how neglected the property is since moving in.  The gutters are full up with debris from the gum trees and other rubbish.  I report it three weeks ago, and though someone has been out to see it, nothing has been done to clear the gutters.  Various other items in the property appear to need maintenance.

Covid-19 - How Life is Different 3

Letter Boxes have seen better days.


The letter boxes appear to need updating. They look awful and many don’t work properly. Mine does not open or close well.  They hold together electrical boxes with fabric as their locking system does not work.

A brief walk around will identify any areas needing maintenance work done on them.

Fire Management

I see no fire extinguishers around the property – there were several on each floor in my previous abode.  I read the fire instructions on the notice on a door inside my unit, and learned that one is supposed to check the internal fire alarm every month.  I have learned that no one does, for no one knows how to, especially as the alarms are on the ceiling.  How do elderly/disabled people manage that???

My “rule book” says that there are annual fire evacuation drills – but apparently it is some 10 years or so since there was one.  Where does one evacuate to?  There are no signs/indications.

Corona Virus Care

I was surprised when I arrived that, apart from a government document with information about the virus, nothing else has happened.  There’s been no support.

One resident had a call from the Housing Department to check, but no one has bothered to check on me.  Some residents never seem to leave their units.  Are they alive inside?  Does anyone check on the residents here?????

Is this neglect of the elderly????


What can I do?








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