Do you Write a Journal?

Do You Write a Journal or Diary?

Why not Journal with Penzu? I know there are people that “journal” or keep a record of all their activities.  some folk will refer to it as a “diary” – either way, it doesn’t matter.  It is whether you record your activities, actions, thoughts etc?

Did you know you can do it on-line?  And it is FREE?

Journal at Penzu

It’s called Penzu. I have been journaling with Penzu for quite a few years now, but I admit I sometimes go quite a few days without posting an entry.  It is on my “to-do list” to do more in 2020, and my start has not been spectacular.

There is a FREE version and a PRO Version – so you can peruse the website and choose which way you want to go.

Journal with Penzu

Logo for Penzu – the great journalling site

I struggle with keeping up to date with one journal, but it is possible to have more than one.  Why would you want more than one?  Well, you might be detailing your study program, or writing your book, or even travelling.  It doesn’t matter – choose to do one or more.

Who Can Read It?

Only you, unless you choose to share it.  You can add photos, and do all sorts of things, and even create the extra journals, but I think that is only for the Pro Version, that works out to be around $20 per annum.

Check all the details on the Penzu website, and just journal with Penzu.

Add your travel photos when journalling with Penzu

Modern Bridge replaced the Hornibrook Highway Brisbane Queensland.

It’s great for keeping a record of your travels, as you can insert as many photos as you wish.

It’s very easy to use, there are formatting options, and you can update it at your leisure.  Plenty to play around with and keep a record of the highs and lows in your life.  It can be very cathartic.

So go over to now and sign up.  And no, I don’t think there is an affiliate program, and if so I am not in it.

They also have some very interesting Podcasts on their website about journaling too.

One interesting feature is that you can run more than one journal.  I now use my main one for daily stories but also have another one, where I write stories of the past, that for some reason I have remembered.

In a writing group, we were talking about death and dying, and I decided later to write about my connection with cemeteries when I was very young.  All my schools were adjacent to a cemetery, and though I knew dead people were laid to rest there, I didn’t find it spooky.  I have in recent years visited many, and I enjoy taking photos at them – especially if there is an image of interest.  I will be looking again soon, as I am keen to find amusing words on headstones.

I find Penzu great for these additional stories and memories, that I would normally not find where to write them.

Also, it is a great place to “let off steam” – if something or someone has made you angry, you can write it all on your “secondary” Penzu Journal, and I guarantee you will feel much better about it.  Much better than saying what you feel to someone where the repercussions might not be helpful.

Are you journaling?  Why not try

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