Creating a Crossword for UBC Challenge

UBC – the Ultimate Blog Challenge for day 8 (and I am behind, I know, but working fast to catch up) is to create a contest or a promotion.   I decided to create a Crossword.  Now let me explain further.

I don’t spend a lot of time answering questions on Crossword Puzzles, but I like creating them.  Perhaps it is my love of words or something, but I just enjoy the challenge of making a list of words, and creating the questions, using those words as answers.  I have used a program called Eclipse  for some years.  I liked to use it in my English classes.  As a teacher one can create a puzzle using words that have been in recent lessons, It generally is fun to do in class.

As I have not been teaching for a while, I’ve not used the program for a while, but have always known that I could (with practice) create puzzles for a website/blog.  I haven’t done it.  I am hoping I can do it today, but have already failed in my first attempt.

I have created the Crossword – but now finding it challenging to get it here.  It is a work in progress.

Have you created a Crossword for your Blog?  Perhaps if you have done so, you may add a comment with advice for me.  I have allotted 60 minutes to create this post, and the Crossword, but with 5 minutes to go, I know I will not achieve it right now.  I will see my computer Mentor and see if I can work out, with help, how to do it.

I do recommend Eclipse for creating Crosswords, and it can be fun to make them up – you can have fun with grandchildren especially, or indeed anyone.  It is possible to print out the questions with the blanks for someone to pencil in the answers.  You can also print out an answer sheet.

(Right on my deadline I figured a way to do it.  I used the Snipping Tool to create an image of the crossword!!   Yay!)

Creating a Crossword for UBC Challenge 1

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