Have you heard of Cricket?

UBC – Day 25

The Game of Cricket

There are a handful of countries around the world that have cricket teams.  India, Pakistan, England, Australia, West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand to name a few.

In summer, it is a very popular sport, that for some who are unfamiliar with the game, it is difficult to follow.  It has its own “language” that takes time to understand what is going on.  Also, what sport takes 5 days to finish a match?  It’s cricket, though these days there are different styles of the sport, including one-day matches.

A Five Day Match?

A friend from Europe cannot understand how my son can sit and watch a 5-day match on television.  What other sport takes 5 days to complete?

Many Australian children are “brought up” on the game.  I didn’t have any brothers but I learned very early on how the game was played.  I even remember going to a famous match with my grandfather, many years ago.

Years later my son played, but school matches only took part of the day.  I was one of the scorers for his school team.

Summer Cricket in Australia

With the advent of television and sponsorship, it has become a major event, and each summer we look forward to watching our Aussie players.  We like to beat the “Poms” as we call the English team.

The English are “addicted” to their cricket and when they are in Australia a team of supporters, called the Barmy Army come out to Australia.  They dress up, and chant, sing and yell all day at the cricket match.

The history of the game is interesting.  Read about it here.

This year the Australians have won 3 out of the 5 games played and there’s one more to go.  This particular competition is called “The Ashes” and there’s a funny story behind that too.   The info is here.  For the Ashes the players wear white, but with other games they wear colourful sportswear.

It used to be a boys/men only sport, but these days we have great women’s teams too.Have you heard of Cricket? 1

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