Lest We Forget our Dawn Services

Anzac Day Dawn Services Like No Other

We still held our Dawn Services. Australians celebrate Anzac Day on April 25th in a big way every year, but this 2020 and the Covid-19 have made us change the way we do it.  As it was not permitted to have large groups together, the Dawn Services were scaled down or did not occur.  The service at the War Memorial in Canberra had only a small number in attendance.  The marches which occur in every city and many small towns were not permitted.

We did find a way to give respect to our servicemen and women who have fought in wars for our country.

It was not just in Australia

With the Covid-19 being a worldwide pandemic, services in countries around the world have been scaled back.  Television and Social Media will record and share the scaled-down services.  Anzac Day is certainly not forgotten.  It is just different!!

Lest We Forget Dawn Services

In the complex where I now live, I put notices on the letter boxes to invite residents to meet at the driveway, to recognise Anzac Day.  As the sun came up, we could see about 7 people there.  We stood, and I played music on my phone.  Several of us had candles to Light Up the Dawn.   Small, but we did it.

Lest We Forget our Dawn Services 1

Lest We Forget the Men and Women who Served

Anzac Biscuits

I baked some Anzac biscuits – and have already enjoyed some this Anzac Day and will share some with others later today.  They are pretty easy to make and I don’t put coconut in them (as I don’t like that ingredient).

Shortly I will make a coffee, put some Anzac bikkies on a plate, and continue to watch the television where there is non-stop news and stories about servicemen and women and the celebration around Australia on this day.

Marching and Military Music

One of the special things for me on Anzac Day is the marching.  I really love the music and I love watching the precision of the marchers.  I confess to watching YouTube.com, and especially the military events of China, North and South Korea.

I learned when I lived in China, that the military there are so much more precise that the Aussie services.   And I love the “goose-step” and other marching steps that are familiar in the Asian military.

I remember attending events many years ago in Adelaide when I was a Girl Guide, and especially on World Thinking Day (February 22nd), when we marched into the South Australian Government House to the music of a brass band.  I remember really enjoying marching.

Around that time there used to be Marching Clubs, and I often wondered about joining, but in those days I already had a full diary, so didn’t.  However, I am known to march around the house when I play some of my Marching Music.

That is one other reason why Anzac Day events are important to me, but this year I will just have to watch one of the videos, such as above.  (I found the above – from last year in Brisbane, so will enjoy watching much of it with my coffee and Anzac Biscuits!)

Today I will have a fairly quiet day I think.  We are still in lockdown, shops are closed and I don’t anticipate any visitors.

p.s.  I have just seen a fly-over with a small number of planes in New South Wales and note that the planes from Caboolture, that normally do a flyover, were not permitted to do so.  There is a lot of banks about that, sadly, as I don’t see any issue with distancing, as each plane would have one pilot only.  Sad.

What do you like about Anzac Day?


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