Dawn at Beachmere

I  woke before dawn. My brain is overloaded at the moment.   I was awake too early, and tried unsuccessfully to go back to sleep.  I jumped in my car and went to the beach and took these photos.

Dawn at Beachmere 1

Dawn at Beachmere

Dawn at Beachmere 2

The sun and clouds move

Dawn at Beachmere 3

Stairway to the sun

I have so much to do, and so much to learn.  Until I’ve packed and moved I guess I will have more of these early morning wakeups.  When I wake up, my brain gets going.  What do I have to do today?  What didn’t I do yesterday?

I was at a friend’s place yesterday and her husband had a look at Murtle, and came back into the house and asked me a lot of questions about her.  Technical to me.  I didn’t know the answer to all of them.  It all got too much.  I begged him to stop, which he did.  I know he wants to help, but I am in information-overload mode at the moment.

Murtle is easier to drive than I imagined.  Hard to get up into the driver’s seat though.  I hadn’t factored that in.  But I can more easy get in via the side door.


Today I am going to do a bit of cleaning inside the van.  Perhaps I will have time to hem the purple sheet I have “doctored”.  It was a “fitted” sheet – which had shrunk, so I have attacked with scissors.  I will put the purple sheets as covering for the two single beds.  Add my cushions, and see what it looks like.  Yes, I will take a photo.




I seldom leave home without my camera.  My Olympus OMD.  I am preparing a plastic box with my camera and computer cables and bits and pieces to put in Myrtle.  I look forward to taking many photos when I head out.

There is a housesit on offer – was told it was on the beachfront and got excited, but I learned later that it is close to the beachfront.  Still thinking about it, but the appeal for me was the possibility of lying in bed or in the lounge watching the sunrise with camera in hand.

While I travel, I hope to park in places where I can sit and wait for the sun to rise or set.  With camera in hand.

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