A Day Around Wynnum and Manly

I had one major task to complete while my son is away.  He drives a Mitsubishi Lancer which was recalled about a year ago, but he’s never found time to take the car in for the “repair”.

So I booked the car into Bartons at Wynnum, and yesterday I set off around 8 am for the trip to Wynnm/Brisbane.  I drove the Lancer to Bartons, and was driven back to my daughter’s place in the Courtesy Bus, where I got into my Barina and returned to Wynnum.


I lived in the Wynnum area until a few years ago, so had a drive around.  There are many changes – different buildings (including the new library and supermarket), and I drove along the waterfront.  Again there are some changes.

A Day Around Wynnum and Manly 1

Pelicans at the Wynnum Waterfront.

A Day Around Wynnum and Manly 2

Another view of the pelicans

I remember spending a lot of time a few years ago, sitting in my car, sometimes reading, near theManly Harbour, watching the boats come and go, the fisherfolk on the rocks, children walking with their family members, and even swimming at low tide in summer.

There have been a few improvements over the years, and now there is a safe pathway out to the end of the rock wall.

A Day Around Wynnum and Manly 3

Young folk with disabilities are taken sailing – so many more involved now.

A Day Around Wynnum and Manly 4

A great cement pathway along the rock wall and lights now.

A Day Around Wynnum and Manly 5

The Port of Brisbane in the background – from Manly.

I visited the new library at Wynnum, and borrowed two books.  One is about Pixie Annat, whom I remember from my days as a medical representative.  She was the Director of Nursing at a major hospital in Brisbane.  The other book is “Mary Poppins, She Wrote”.  I recall that Mary Poppins Festival has been on in Maryborough.  I was planning to go, but my plans changed.

After I set off for coffee with a friend at Frenchies in Bay Terrace, Wynnum.

A Day Around Wynnum and Manly 6


I then had to collect the Lancer.  Oh, what a story!!  There was some chaos with the “Courtesy Bus” and I waited for over an hour at the front gate for it.  Several phone calls later and it turned up.  Hence I was very late returning to the Gold Coast – caught up in heavy traffic and it took ages to get to my destination.

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