Does Alcohol Make You More Creative?

Drinking for Inspiration/Creativity

I often wonder if alcohol makes one more creative.

As if we need an excuse to drink.
According to a new beer on the market called The Problem Solver, research shows that the average person is at their most creative when they have an alcohol level of exactly 0.075 per cent. The handcrafted ale comes with a handy indicator on the bottle so that drinkers can work out how much they need to drink to reach that level.”

Something to think about. It would work for wine too I am sure.  It is not something I would actually think about – and I tend to drink a glass of wine (or two) at the end of the day when my writing/creativity is done.  I have not tried to determine if alcohol does make me more creative.  The topic appeared in the media.

Still, I am sure many creative people do work with a bit of help from alcohol.  In fact, I have heard many stories of this – though can’t recall names, etc.  Though the following story is something I do know about.

The Orchid Pavilion

In 2008 I went to China for one term/semester of English teaching at Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages.  One day one of my students took me to place called Lanting, which is famous for the Orchid Pavilion story.
It was a park not far from the university – a short bus ride away in fact.  As one enters the first interesting spot is the Goose Pond, complete with white geese.  As you walk further into the property you find more information about the event, which was way back in the year 353 that it occurred.   It is still celebrated!!

Taken by me at Lanting - No alcohol there to help my creativity.

In Lanting – but not near the Orchid Pavilion exhibition

The little stream and the cane seats have been recreated, and you can easily understand how it all happened.

I think one day I will try and find some writers who like a drink to create something similar here in Queensland.  One day.



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