Do You Eat Seaweed?

I remember seaweed as that terrible black stuff that ends up on sandy beaches after storms.  I know that sea animals love eating   Crabs, lobsters, and other sea creatures eat it – it’s part of their daily diet.  Perhaps that is why they are good items to eat too!

Seaweed is popular in Australia now, but mainly eaten when partaking in sushi – the rice and other foods is often wrapped in black seaweed.  I must say I was a bit tentative when I first ate it, but eventually came to enjoy it. Often.


Green Seaweed Snacks

I lived in China and South Korea for a while back in 2008 – 2010 and found that it was an interesting and inexpensive snack.  When I returned to my family and endeavoured to introduce them to it, I was met with some disdain!!

But a few years on, and with the popularity of Sushi shops now, people are a bit more enthusiastic.  There is a lot written about the health benefits of seaweed,

What is in Seaweed?

It has plenty of Vitamin C, and Iodine.  It has other properties too!

One website lists this about Seaweed.  Click here for more detail.

  • High protein content: from 20% in green algae to 70% in spirulina.
  • High mineral content, especially: iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium.
  • More vitamin C than oranges.
  • Natural iodine maintaining a healthy thyroid function.
  • Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.

I just like it as a snack.  Recently with two of my grandchildren, I set out to buy some as one brand (picture above) is on special.  When we found it I bought a heap of packets of it. My grandson is particularly fond of it.

He opened a packet to share.  His sister had a little, and so did I.  Mmmm.  Guess who ate most of it.  Over the next few hours, we nearly went through all the supplies that I bought – but I did save one packet for me.

They are still on special at Woolworths Supermarket.  Yum.

Do you like to eat seaweed?

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